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On sale for a reason

28 Apr


My new face cream smells really bad. It’s smells like bleach with a splash of foot odour. But it works really well. It’s the best face cream I’ve used in quite a while. And it cost $8 (down from about $50) on a discount website.

I’m always trying to think of ways to shop smart. I shop at Aldi, I order fruit, veg, milk, meat and bread from a farming company and now I look for great buys on bargain websites. The best savings for me are on makeup, cosmetics, batteries and cleaning products. But there’s often something slightly off about them.

I suspect they have ended up on a bargain website because they stuffed up the smell, colour or package design. As a result most of my face cleansers and creams smell a little off at the moment. I bought a brilliant eye cream for $6 (down from about $30) but it was hard to get it out of the container. My face cream smells horrible. My face wash smells great but is way too strong. I am using shower gel at the moment that is a little too masculine for a woman (and probably why it failed to sell well). All the cleaning products, toilet tissue and such are excellent. We won’t run out of batteries this year.

I miss my nice smells. Nice smells make me feel pretty (although the mirror would argue with that most days!). But the savings are INCREDIBLE. It’s a dilemma.

I don’t buy any of the snack foods on these sites any more. They have seemingly brilliant offers for 50 chocolate bars for $10, for example, but when they arrive you find they expire in a week. Even I can’t eat that many chocolate bars in such a short space of time. I would never let my kids eat that many either. They’re lucky to get one a month, if at all. My husband could have done it. I could have filmed it and posted it on YouTube and called it “Middle-aged man attempts suicide by chocolate”. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Discount websites have a place. Go for it when it comes to batteries, household cleaning products and books (LOVE cheap books), but try and find out the expiration dates of the food products and get ready for some effective-yet-terrible-smelling cosmetics. It’s the price we pay!

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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