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Spring is here and we have nothing to wear

8 Sep

Is it Spring already?

For about six months I’ve had a pile of ironing I’ve been diligently ignoring. As the weather became cooler my need to iron became less. That pile of dresses, short-sleeved shirts and floaty tops wasn’t needed and I have an aversion to ironing. It is the household chore I loathe. So I didn’t iron them for six months.

Then Spring arrived.

Last night I ironed for one hundred and forty-two minutes, which is the duration of the movie The Hunger Games. If there hadn’t been a good movie to watch on Foxtel I doubt I would have gotten it done. I ironed for over two hours and I am now ready for Spring. There were clothes in there I had forgotten about. I am wearing my black crop pants and floaty blue and white top today. My daughter is in a cute little dress and the boys are in wrinkle-free shirts. But I ran out of time to do my husband’s ironing. Had the movie gone for longer (and it was such a brilliant movie I wouldn’t have even minded) then his would have been done too.

I’ll do it tonight if I can find a good movie. I figure if I put on a good movie once a week and get the ironing done I can remove it as an issue in my life.

That pile of ironing has been TORTURING me. No matter how much I’ve cleaned and achieved, I’ve been able to see it in the corner of my eye saying, “Bad mother, bad wife, fail, fail, fail.”

I ‘cracked the back of it’ last night and tonight I should be able to ‘bring it home’ so to speak. I find I need motivating sayings and mantras to get all the housework done these days, especially ironing. Always the ironing.

Two years ago I tried to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be (efficient and not in denial about how many clothes needed ironing) and I bought myself a red and white ironing board and a red iron. Trendy and practical. It was fun the first couple of times but then the novelty wore off and the pile began to grow again.

Pretty much the only items of clothing that are regularly ironed are my son’s school shirts (I try to get away with not ironing his pants). My husband’s work shirts should probably be ironed but he could do it himself (he chooses not to and I empathise with that choice) and he is eventually covered in grease anyway so there’s not much point.

So tonight I need another really good flick. It was hard to iron while sobbing during a particularly sad part in the movie but the rest was quite invigorating and I got a lot of the ironing done.

Whatever works for you when it comes to doing boring/horrible/tedious tasks then do it. For example, I only get uni work done while eating mint chocolate, cooking dinner is done while catching up on social media and I mop but I need to listen to something besides Nick Jr and The Gummy Bear song! Beyonce works, or Nicki Minaj! Although be careful mopping to her song Starships. I almost dislocated my shoulder!

When Harry Met Sally

15 Oct

When Harry Met Sally came out in 1989. I was thirteen. I didn’t watch it until I was older, when my parents added a video shop to their corner grocery store and I found it in the weekly rentals section. I loved the movie from the beginning. As a teenager I was drawn to movies that showed people finishing tertiary education and setting up their lives. I was fascinated with Sally who wanted to be a journalist and made this happen for her by moving toNew York. Being successful and independent was a dream of mine. The bravery required to take real steps into adulthood impressed me repeatedly.

When I watched the movie again today, I found myself reflecting how I reacted to the movie as a teenager compared to how it affects me now. I always remember the scene where Sally is upset that her ex is getting married. She talks about how she’s going to turn forty someday and Harry reminders her that she isn’t turning forty for another eight years. I used to think thirty-two was so old. I couldn’t ever imagine being in my thirties. Now I am thirty-five, older than Sally when she experiences her crisis. But I am comforted by the fact that I am married with children already, where as she is still searching and doesn’t even know that in a moment she will realise her best friend is her true love.

Watching a movie as a teenager tends to leave you contemplating what kind of life you’d like to have. Movies can be inspiring in this regard and you will think of them often as you construct your life. When you watch them after you have set up some sort of life for yourself outside of your parent’s home, the movies make you reflective. You look back at what you thought you’d achieve and where you ended up.

Working Girl from 1988 with Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver is another movie that does this to me. I always wanted to be a smart and sassy working girl. Reflecting back, I think about the fact that I have never held a nine-to-five office job like I thought I would. All my jobs have involved irregular hours and could have been done in track pants. That’s the beauty of radio.

Movies play such an important role in people’s lives. Just as music can take you back to significant moments in your past, movies can remind you of dreams you had, hopes for the future and remind you of how far you’ve come or how life is all about change. Planning is impossible. Allowing dreams and ambitions to change and develop can lead you a life that is even better than what you imagined.

There is no room for regrets in life and life isn’t over until it’s over. I certainly ended up on a different path that what I thought I would and that’s not bad. And it isn’t over yet. Even though raising three young children hits the pause button on any plans I had for myself, I know I can still aim for the life I always wanted and appreciate the experiences I’ve had so far.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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