Supermarkets are evil

3 Apr


It all started innocently enough.
I’ve just returned to the workforce full-time after a long absence during which I grew three people in my stomach from scratch). It’s been amazing. It’s a dream position, I’m enjoying every second and even the bus ride to and from work is fun.

I have to be honest. Some things have fallen by the wayside. Granted I’m only two weeks in and it will take some time to adjust but I really need to keep on top of my laundry, do the ironing instead of shifting the pile of unironed clothes onto different chairs in my lounge room and I my son has been getting lunch orders at school three times a week instead of one.

Anyway, today I left work before everyone else to race to school and pick up my son, niece and nephew. My husband called me repeatedly. He was wondering what time I’d be home just in case we’d see each other before he left for work at 3. I’d arrive home at ten past 3. Oh well, see you whenever.

My son has art class on Wednesdays at 4.30, just enough time to head home, tidy up and get dinner started before leaving again to drop him off. I haven’t grocery shopped all week. Since starting work I’ve been efficient and organised and shopping online but after the long weekend all delivery windows were full. I had to grocery shop in person and since we’d now run out of Butter Soft it was critical that I shopped this afternoon. I had exactly an hour to get it done before picking Philip up from school.

I headed to my local shops, took my little kids to the toilet, bought them a snack (a donut for one and a sushi roll for the other) and into the supermarket we went. I raced through the aisles and filled my trolley with an efficiency I didn’t know I was capable of. We needed soft rolls, bayonet light globes, kitty litter and Butter Soft.

The cold food aisle was the last before I could head to the check out. The trolley was very full and I had just enough room for our precious Butter Soft (we looooove our Butter Soft). My son ran ahead. He knows exactly where it is and it’s his job to get it.

It was all gone.

A wave of fury engulfed me. This was the second time I’d tried to buy Butter Soft in two weeks. Last time we had a bit left but now we were totally out. My husband took rolls to work, my son ate Vitaweats with butter and vegemite every day, I was still eating hot cross buns for breakfast. No other butter will do.

My heart started to beat loudly. I felt the meltdown coming on. I tried to push it down. I reminded myself that I had chocolate bullets in the trolley and if I could just get myself to the car and throw a few back I might feel better about the fact that the one thing I absolutely had to buy today was sold the frig out. How is it that supermarkets manage to run out of the items we most like to buy? Isn’t it their job to make sure they have plenty of stock? Do they have some in the back room and they’re hiding it from me? It’s now 5pm and I’m tired and hungry and cold and I don’t have the time or energy to go to another shopping centre.

I pushed the overflowing trolley to the nearest checkout and started unpacking. I unpacked in a way that aimed to punish the cashier for the fact the Butter Soft was all gone. Instead of carefully putting all the bread together, the cold foods, the heavy bottles, I placed them haphazardly. That’ll fuck ‘em. Try and pack properly amidst the chaos. If only you’d had Butter Soft, my day would have been perfect. Every day has to be PERFECT.

Sensing my mood the cashier didn’t bother to greet me. I finished unpacking and started loading bags into the trolley.

“Is there a reason you’re always out of Butter Soft,” I asked.

“Ah, I don’t know. We’re out?”

“Yes, and there was none last week either. Just unsalted.”

“I can let our manager know,” she said helpfully.

“Won’t do me much good in the morning will it?”

“We normally restock every night.”

“I’ve just started working and this is when I can grocery shop. Are you going to be out of the things I need every Wednesday? There wasn’t any Butter Soft, you’re out of Yoplait Strawberry Yoghurt again and you’ve sold out of Nice biscuits. How is that possible?”

“Um, I’m not sure,” she mumbled.

I stopped talking. I handed over my Fly Buys card, let the Eftpos machine beep a few times before removing my card and then walked to the card feeling defeated. I’d have to come back to the shops again. We really needed Butter Soft. We don’t like any other spread. Our lives revolve around Butter Soft, Moccona Indulgence, full-fat strawberry yoghurt and Nice biscuits.

Some things are just INFURIATING. I feel like they deliberately run out of popular items to force us to come back more than once in a week. It’s a conspiracy. We’re being duped.

I’ve just placed a small grocery order online and it include 6 containers of Butter Soft, 4 packets of Nice biscuits and the bayonet light globes I forgot. God help me if I get an ‘out of stock’ email. I’m telling you know. I can handle work, the kids, uni, coming up with an interesting outfit EVERY day but don’t mess with my food. That’s what will tip me over the edge, that and having to grocery shop more than once a week.

8 Responses to “Supermarkets are evil”

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  2. Em July 20, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    I feel really sorry for the girl serving you! I know it can be disappointing when Woolies doesn’t have what you specifically came for, but it was in no way the check-out-chick’s fault. I don’t know if it is because my friend works on the cash register at a supermarket or because I have worked in retail, but I feel you should always treat the person serving you with respect. They are most likely a highschool or uni student trying to get a little bit of cash. It’s not their responsibility to stock the shelves.


  3. Tash July 20, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    Seriously? I’m stopping reading your blog now. Why didn’t you ask a stock person? Instead, you decided to take it out on probably the least-able-to-help-you person in the whole supermarket. I think you can judge a person by how they treat people like checkout chicks, waiters etc. and you don’t come off looking good. Take a look at yourself and realise the world doesn’t revolve around you 😦


  4. Gina July 20, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    “How is it that supermarkets manage to run out of the items we most like to buy?” Sometimes the most popular items are the ones that sell out because they are popular. It’s not rocket science.


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    What’s up, I log on to your blogs on a regular basis.
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  6. Gavin January 23, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

    What the hell is your problem? ‘I unpacked in a way that aimed to punish the cashier for the fact the Butter Soft was all gone.Instead of carefully putting all the bread together, the cold foods, the heavy bottles, I placed them haphazardly. That’ll fuck ‘em. Try and pack properly amidst the chaos’. Are you a fucking child? If I were the manager of that store, and I witnessed you treating that girl in such a manner, I would ask you do your shopping elsewhere. I assume you’ve never worked in checkout or supermarket position, but customers like yourself are horrible people to deal with, and presumably horrible people in general, no matter what kind of a day you are having. If you had spoken to me like that when I worked checkout I would not have given you the time of day. However, if you’d spoken to me with respect and dignity, I might have tried to see if I could help you. Maybe there was stock out the back or maybe it was sold out (cuz you know, it’s a popular fucking item that people tend to buy), but this does not give you the right to treat people, as though they are below you. You’ve come off as a truly horrid person.


  7. Mcqueeny January 28, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    You seem like a really entitled, unpleasant person.


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