Sick and tired of waiting to see doctors

13 Feb

Kids Line Up

Since the birth of my first child I’ve felt like I live at hospitals and medical centres. After the birth of my second child it became worse and after my little girl arrived I may as well brought along sleeping bags.

Hardly any of those visits have been for me. I usually just shuffle my way through illnesses and only go to the doctor for me when I absolutely have to. Case-in-point this week when a virus struck me down like a thunder bolt.

I was at the gym working out when I noticed tiny red spots all over my arms. My first thought was that it was a sweat rash but later in the shower I realised it was all over my body. I googled it and was told I could have Leukimia. Or measles, or meningitis. With three kids in tow headed for the medical centre but instead of going to our usual centre where we have to endure a one hour wait I chose a different centre where you can make appointments.

I still had to wait 40 minutes.

The doctor actually came out after 30 minutes but Caterina had chosen that particular moment in time to use the toilet so he saw another patient before me.

Finally we all fell into his office and my kids who were tired and bored started destroying his office. We both told them to sit down and behave which they did for about 50 seconds, long enough for him to quickly examine me.

The good news – I wasn’t dying. The bad news – it’s a virus that just has to ‘run it’s course’ and there was nothing to be done but rest. Rest?!? I have three children. As if.

After a 40 minute wait I felt entitled to at least some new multi-vitamins, some cream or perhaps a hug?

This is why I NEVER go to the doctor for myself.

With the kids it’s different. I always take them ‘just in case’ because if an illness is ever going to become worse it’s always at 2am when everything is closed. They never take a turn for the worst during daylight hours. And after several 4-6 hour waits at our local hospital emergency room I’d prefer to take them to the doctor for every tiny little thing than have our precious rest interrupted. This doesn’t always work. Like the time Philip and I were dancing to the music at the end of Gnomeo and Juliet and he jumped into my arms, some how turned himself upside down and I dropped him on his head. I heard a crack and called an ambulance. I thought I’d broken his neck. He was screaming and crying.

We rushed to hospital with a neck brace on him and they delivered us to emergency. My little man fell asleep. As he slept doctors (who probably had DOCS on hold) asked me to describe how this had happened, asking if I’d ‘wrestled’ him into a headlock. I explained how it had happened and they woke him up and examined him.

My previously crying, distressed child said he felt fine. It was like nothing had happened.

Because I couldn’t slap him in front of people (just joking) we stayed for observation and then were sent home after 2 hours.

People ask why I carry around such a large handbag and it’s because when waiting for doctors, dentists and other professionals you need an array of items to keep your children from going nuts, thus preventing your own nervous break down. My over-sized handbag contains snacks, drinks, toys and several discarded Happy Meal items. It’s saved me several times.

Next time you are at the doctors office waiting waiting waiting might I suggest adopting a calm attitude, ignoring those giving you and your children dirty looks, teach the kids thumb wrestling and settle in. Because they never stick to their appointment times and it’s never a 10 minute wait. Use it as quality time. Talk, play, have fun. You may as well.

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi


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