‘Fat Talk Free Week’ (3-9 December 2012)

7 Dec


I can’t remember a single day in my adult life where I or someone I know hasn’t indulged in ‘fat talk’.

What is ‘fat talk’? The Butterfly Foundation explains…


Fat talk is language and dialogue that reinforces the “thin ideal” and increases body dissatisfaction.

“Do I look fat in this?”, “I’m so fat”, “She should not be wearing those pants”….this is Fat Talk.


It IS time to change the conversation, at least for a week, which is why the Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders has launched ‘Fat Talk Free Week’ from 3 – 9 December.

I really want to do this. I would love an entire week of no fat talk both internally and externally. Imagine how peaceful that week would be? Imagine how much more TIME you’d have to think about other, more important things or at least to talk about your weight in a different way.

Imagine changing the conversation to something positive. For example, I have a new mantra that I repeat to myself almost daily when I find myself sinking into the ‘my life would be so much better if I were thinner’ frame of mind. I tell myself…

‘I have my health, my arms, my legs, people who love me. What I weigh doesn’t matter. I’m fine just the way I am.’

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to last an entire week without any fat talk but I could definitely do a day. It will have to involve all of my loved ones so a group email or specifically-shared social media message should do the trick.

The Butterfly Foundation also suggests one of the following events:


  • Have a themed day ~ “Embrace YOU” or “Empowerment Day” or “Just as I am”;
  • Hold a cup cake or Butterfly cake stall;
  • Conduct a fun run or walkathon;
  • Collect money in a “swear jar” every time someone uses Fat Talk!


A themed day or swear jar would be the top picks for me or even a combination of the two. A cupcake or cake stall day will just make me think about calories and if I do a fun run or walkathon I will be hoping to burn calories. But imagine your friends and family having to actually embrace themselves for an entire day or to call each other to task each time they use fat talk. How uplifting. How empowering. And how well timed as the panic sets in over what we will and won’t eat over Christmas.

The Butterfly Foundation is a lovely soft place to land for those of us who continue our struggle against fat talk. You can read more about Fat Talk Free week at thebutterflyfoundation.org.au.

The foundation tells us to SHUT DOWN THE FAT TALK. Another ‘f’ word for us to put on the banned list.

This will certainly be a challenge but it’s definitely a better idea than a pre-Christmas detox or another diet. I have friends who don’t even order skim cappuccinos because of the chocolate powder on the top. I was with a close friend recently at Yum Cha and she spent the entire time eating from a plate of green vegetable. She wouldn’t even have one steamed dumpling. Another friend weighs herself every time she has stomach flu. A little boy in my life called himself fat recently and I almost started crying because while he isn’t skinny he certainly isn’t fat.

So, have a great week butterflies and remember, no fat talk. Put a poster up at work, set up the swear jar and for at least seven days cut yourself some slack. Because you rock. Fat talk be-gone!

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