Some people are REALLY annoying

3 Dec

Yum Cha

Have you ever been randomly annoyed by strangers? To the point of wanting to scream in their faces? Yes, I was already a little annoyed this morning (my teeth are going to cost WHAT to fix?). I probably should have gone straight home, but in an attempt to cheer myself up I decided to take my little girl to my favourite Yum Cha. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it’s located in my favourite shopping centre. I just love everything about it.

We chose our ‘usuals’ from the multiple trolleys racing past as as though we weren’t there (part of the fun). We chose steamed prawn dumplings, green vegetables, spring rolls, boiled rice and later, jelly.

When my daughter and I are hungry we eat like animals. We’d had an early breakfast and had spent the morning running errands so we were both dying to eat. If someone had fallen down and looked like a hot dog, we would have tried to bite them. THAT’S how hungry we were.

I was scooping up the last of my steamed dumpling with my fingers and licking my fingers with extreme satisfaction when I noticed two middle-aged women sit down at the table next to me. Firstly, they looked over at us and didn’t even smile or wave at Caterina. Who doesn’t at least smile in the direction of cute kids sitting directly in front of them? Do you not have a soul?

I went back to negotiating with Caterina over which jelly cubes she’d let me eat (I could have all the yellows and one red, the lone green and the rest of the reds and all the pinks were hers). I noticed the waitress bring menus to the grumpy women. Menus??????

We are at AWARD WINNING YUM CHA and you’re going to order your own dishes? I was thinking in my head, “You’d better have food allergies or something. Otherwise you are stoopid, and I mean stoo-pid!”

They kept looking at my table and surveying the dishes we were feasting on. Their lips were almost in a sneer. They dismissed all the food trolleys heading their way and isn’t it typical that when I wanted them they didn’t come to me but they all arrived at the table with people who didn’t want Yum Cha at all?

They started looking in the menu and they ordered….stir fried chicken and vegetables.

Excuse me idiots, but the crappy $4 Chinese food is in the food court. Morons, it’s that way.

I was so annoyed I almost said something. If I’d had the guts I would have said, “What kind of idiots sit down in AWARD WINNING, affordable Yum Cha and  choose from the menu and choose a chicken stirfry at that?”

If only Anthony Bordain were here. He’d tell you a thing or two. Or Marco Pierre White. Or anyone with half a brain!

I started deciding on their personality profile. They were definitely tea drinkers, unhappy, eat Kraft Singles cheese and enjoy Rum and Raisin ice-cream (blah).

Caterina and I feasted. We ate everything and while we weren’t stuffed, we were pleasantly full. It all cost $28! Once again I reminded myself just how lucky we were to live where we lived, to be able to do this in the middle of the day and I suddenly switched from unreasonable rage towards the two women to sympathy. It’s like sitting in the middle of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and spitting in the chocolate fountain, like being surrounded with cute and giggling children and not even being able to crack a smile, like having a crazy great life and only seeing the shit in it.

Pity the fools who don’t eat Yum Cha. More for me bitches…more for me.

La Dolce Vita

Jo Abi (rage issues need addressing, I agree)

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