Feast or famine…but never normal eating…

25 Nov

I am suffering from a MAJOR food hangover, so bad that I haven’t been able to write this post until now (2pm), even though I have been up at work and thinking about it since 5am. I am so sick because I over-ate to the extreme last night at a family function. Why why why do I do this to myself.

I’d been on the full Lite n easy summer program for the past two weeks and doing really well, so my body wasn’t ready to be slammed with the rich food I shoved in my gob. I can’t remember everything I ate but it went something like this:

2 glasses of coke

2 glasses of lemonade

1 small glass of champagne

A bread roll

Marinaded vegetables




Two rice croquettes




Sugared almonds

An almond biscuit


I’m sweating just thinking about it!

I know why I did it. I know why I over-eat every time I do it and it’s usually because I am upset about something. Last night I was really upset that my husband wasn’t going to make it to the function. He was stuck at work. I understood why he couldn’t make it but he’s always worked jobs that prevent him from attending many family events. I worry that it’s because he doesn’t really want to come with me. But this is what I dreamed about when I was younger – having a family of my own, attending family functions together…but it’s always just me and the kids. We do okay but he just isn’t around when I want him to be. He’s always worked long and irregular hours and while I admire his work ethic, it also makes me sad that we are missing out on this time together. And my family is always so loving and understanding which made me want to cry even more.

So while I explained that he couldn’t make it to my family members I chowed down and ate my sadness, my disappointment and my longing. Oh, I just remembered I ate fruit too.

Now this morning I am paying a price for my gluttony. My stomach is a cement mixer. I had trouble sleeping. I am nauseous. It’s a total food hangover and I have nobody to blame but myself.

My family always puts on a good spread of food and it’s always so fun…I could have been more controlled. I could have had chicken and salad and then ONE cannoli with coffee. But no – I had to turn it into a sport and stuff myself to the gills.

I’m just starting to feel better now. I’ve had a few sips of water and some oat bran (to help my stomach start functioning again).

I’m frustrated that whenever I think I’ve stopped eating my feelings I do it again (which is probably why I will be a lifetime customer of Lite n Easy). So I’m not eating my Lite n Easy food today – I couldn’t if I tried.

Now here’s what’s changed…instead of feeling upset and doing this every day I will stop, press reset, and start again tomorrow.

It was such a great night. I just love family functions. They are without a doubt my favourite thing to do (as opposed to when I was little and complained openly about boredom).

So, the important question today is – was the cannoli worth it? Was it? Damn straight it was…until next time.

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi



One Response to “Feast or famine…but never normal eating…”

  1. Snoskred November 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    This is a timely reminder for me, I have to go to the Christmas party for the other half tonight.

    On the good side, I am at work till 8pm so I miss the entree and pre-dinner drinks, I’ve taken my L&E to work and will have eaten that before I get there, so won’t be too hungry, it is at an Italian restaurant and likely there will be chicken breast in a sauce of some kind, hopefully some salad and I will be having dessert which will be some kind of gelato.

    Good on you re pressing stop and reset. I think this is the best way to handle it. 🙂


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