An Ode to Lite n Easy Chicken Caesar Salad (and double layer chocolate cake)

23 Nov

Two kilos gone. Not only am I sticking to the new summer menu, but I have increased my water intake, I’ve decreased my coffee consumption and I’ve been doing 20 minutes of pushups, situps etc each day. I think I had a lot of water retention because I first noticed the weight loss on my face each morning. I’m normally puffy after I’ve first rolled out of bed. Not so much anymore. I am hoping and praying that I’ll also see a signifant improvement to the cellulite on the back of my thighs.

I tried on a pair of short-shorts a few weeks back and thought I looked pretty good. My legs stay on the slim side (my stomach and hips not so much). I admired myself for a while and then made the mistake of turning around and looking at myself from the back. Massive orange peel…please please please go away!

This week I’ve been delighted by the chicken caesar salad and the double layer chocolate cake. I can’t even tell you how amazing they both were. I actually groaned as I ate them and my daughter said, “Yummy Mum?” I said, “No, very yuck” so she wouldn’t want any.

It’s great to be able to order the mini meals and bowl meals. My daughter always joins me in chicken soup, pumpkin soup and the pasta alfredo. They are her favourites while my husband keeps taking my macaroni cheese dinners (I have once again threatened him with divorce if he does this again). I’ve also threatened to cut his hand off if he touches them and I’ve attempted to hide them behind the frozen vegetables – ordering extras was the only way to achieve peace in my house.

I have a pair of jeans that don’t forgive even a half a kilo weight gain. Stubbornly I continued to wear them, struggling to eat and breathe. I wore them yesterday and it’s the first time in weeks that they’ve been comfortable. Yay, yay, yay.

Once you get through the first few days you really do feel your appetite shrink as your body shrinks and it does feel like you can keep it up forever.

I almost had a set back today. I was at home with my son, daughter and nephew and the power was turned off. I vaguely remembered I’d received a letter warning me of scheduled work…so we relocated to Lollipops Playland Cafe and as I sat down, I realised I was stuffed. I had no way to prepare my lunch (thank goodness I’d eaten all of my breakfast). So I had to make a lunch choice and I was quite proud of myself. I tried to choose something that was as close to a Lite n Easy lunch as possible.

I chose a chicken salad which thankfully used chicken breast. I asked for no tomato but extra beetroot. It was AWESOME. Lite n Easy has reawakened my appreciation for a good salad for lunch. An apple and a skim latte and I was set. I brought my muesli cookie pack with me.

I can’t even tell you how great it is to be getting back to my goal weight before Christmas. Over the holidays I plan to maintain…maintainence is challenging. Just because you get to your goal weight, doesn’t mean your weight problems are solved. It’s ongoing. It’s a total lifestyle overhaul.

I can’t wait to get the caesar salad and chocolate cake again!

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi

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