Bryce Courtney doco on Monday 26 Nov, ABC1

22 Nov

Whenever I freak out about the fact that I’m not a best-selling novelist yet, I comfort myself with the fact that Bryce Courtney didn’t experience his first real success until well in his fifties, with The Power of One.

I’m thirty-six years of age so I figure I have time. If only I could finish a first draft…

I am so sad that Bryce Courtney won’t be with us any longer. I can’t even bring myself to start reading Jack of Diamonds yet. I think I’m saving it for later. I think that’s how I want to spend the weeks after…reading his latest amazing novel with a box of tissues because even if it’s a satire, I will be crying my eyes out.

For the next few months I plan to re-read my favourite Bryce Courtney novels and I’m delighted by the fact there are several brilliant ones such as Jessica that I have not yet read.

Bryce Courtney didn’t live a perfect life and never claimed to. He experienced limited success overseas with only The Power of One but so what? I’d be perfectly happy to just do well in Australia. He was born in South Africa but became a naturalised Australian. He and his work belongs to us.

If you’ve never read Bryce Courtney before definitely start with either The Power of One or The Potato Factory. The hairs on your arms will be raised as you read them. He perfectly captures beauty, love, struggle and terrible suffering in such a way that you forget to be impressed with his skill as a writer and you just lose yourself in the story.

I for one will be glued to the TV on Monday 26 November, 8pm on ABC1. ABC has the best shows of all and their documentaries never disappoint. Bring your tissues…

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi

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