17 Nov

I am soooooo hungry. If you can get through the next two-three days you can stay on Lite n Easy forever. Adjusting to less food is a challenge which is why the strong flavours and variety mean so much.

Day 2 is a special day, just bloody special! Pikelets for breakfast and potato crisps for afternoon tea. WHAT KIND OF A DIET IS THIS? The pikelets are so delicious. I wanted six more, but then, that’s where I usually go wrong. The fig and berry compote isn’t something I would usually eat with pikelets (butter, jam, vegemite even) but I feel virtuous for trying it.

I almost couldn’t wait for lunch and the curried egg spread on a roll was as delicious as I always remember. I always choose the egg spread lunch whenever I can. My son is allergic so I don’t eat egg a lot. It’s just the right amount for the long roll. Lite n Easy is a good lesson in the divinity of heated bread. Eating bread while it is just a little warm makes it all the more indulgent.

I am really hungry shortly after lunch but my stomach has to adjust to less food and healthier food. This is where I would start what I call my ‘unauthorised snacking’ which by the time I’m done adds up to as much as a meal. Luckily I am watching the movie Bride Wars (all my uni assignments were handed in shortly before midnight so today is a day of rest!). In the movie one of the characters struggles with her weight. Her frienemy sends her treats each day and sure enough, she can’t zip up her wedding dress. Please don’t ever send me a cookie bouquet!

I usually prefer something sweet for afternoon tea to have with my coffee but decide to separate the two – coffee and potato crisps just don’t mix. I eat it a little too early, at 1pm but like I said, I am STARVING. Gosh they are tasty. Salty, potato crisps. It’s yet another remind that you can eat so called ‘normal’ food in the right portion size and it amounts to around a handful.

I have coffee at about 2pm but am about to eat the lounge pillow so I decide to peel myself off the lounge (uni hangovers are real – I still can’t believe I’m finished for the year!) and I exercise. I am a home exerciser. I like the gym but in between part-time work and three children it’s impossible to fit in. I used to love power walking around my area because there are a lot of hills, but once again, no time. When I started having kids I knew I had to be able to exercise at home with them running around playing, or it would never happen.

We invested in a stationary bike, a cross trainer and a treadmill. I wore the stationary bike out during my pregnancies. I’d do a 20 minute combination of cycling stand up for a couple of minutes, then up, then down. As I got bigger towards the end of my pregnancies I was sitting the entire time. After six years of over-use by myself and my husband it is totally worn out. I switched to my cross trainer and that’s what I do most days. I used the treadmill every day for a month and ended up with shin splints. So painful. Plus I have a weak right ankle and knee (like most of the women in my family).

The cross trainer is in  my room. It has the perfect compartment for my iPhone and I read books while I do 20-30 minutes or a mid-hard level. I also do a TV exercise show called Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. It goes for just 20 minutes but the morning after the first time you do it, you might need help dressing. Painful but effective.

On a good exercise day I do both. On busier days I’ll do one or the other, maybe 30 minutes on the cross trainer or I’ll do Gilad but do extra pushups and situps during commercial breaks – if the kids let me!

The exercise has taken me all the way to dinner-prep time with no unauthorised snacking but exercise is a double-edges sword. It either makes you feel virtuous so you eat more or the calories burned make you feel extra hungry…mac & cheese for dinner it is! Very filling.

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi

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