Time to lose the ‘uni assignment’ weight

15 Nov

I am completely unable to write without consuming mint chocolate at the moment. Mint chocolate triggers my creativity. It is a HUGE problem when you have the metabolism of a thirty-six-Italian-mother-of-three. The result – a High Distinction or Distinction for most of my uni work so far and four unwanted kilos.

I am always gaining and losing the same four kilos, but after losing over twenty kilos in my early twenties, I can handle four kilos. I gain and lose it a couple of times each year. Maintenance is something I struggle with thanks to Mint Aero, Mint Slice Biscuits, Peppermint Crisp and White Knights. Yum, yum, yum.

Thank goodness for Lite n Easy, always there for me when I’ve gotten off-track.

There’s a reason I’ve been using Lite n Easy for almost fifteen years – it’s because it works all the time. I don’t have to do any preparation work, buy special foods or do the horrible detox diet my sister is currently on which has cut out coffee. As if! Coffee is my hug and my kick up the butt each day and when I’m on the full Lite n Easy program I can usually get away with two cups each day, skim with just a little raw sugar.

Today is Day 1. I weigh 59.8 I weigh myself first thing in the morning, completely nude without even so much as a hair tie. It’s a really accurate way to monitor your weight unless your period is due in which case I suggest not weighing yourself for at least a week. Bloating anyone?

My goal weight is 55. I weighed it for one day once and then settled at 56. Then I started having kids. I put on 25 kilos during the first pregnancy (sooooo horrible), then 18 during my second pregnancy and around 14 during my third pregnancy. After my third pregnancy I ordered my Lite n Easy from my hospital bed. I knew the faster I got myself together the more I could enjoy my new baby girl and juggle three children, work and all the other challenges of being a modern woman. And it was great because I had NO TIME to cook for myself and everyone kept bringing me cakes and chocolates. Get that stuff away from me!

I’m not really sure what my goal is this time around. 55 would be nice but I usually give myself a goal weight window as opposed to an actual goal weight. My goal weight window is anywhere between 55 and 57.

In the spirit of full disclosure I should reveal that Lite n Easy has gifted me two weeks worth of their new summer menu to help me get started, in exchange for a little work I did for them this week. I’m also on some of their TV ads with my cute kids. Yes, they use real customers and even the dietician on their TV ads is the real deal. She is lovely by the way. I met her while she was examining a new muesli blend, making sure it contained the exact right amount of ingredients to ensure it is healthy and delicious.

I will be on the full summer program for four weeks so I’ll buy my final two weeks. I normally order their bowl and mini meals for maintenance purposes so my husband can get stuck into those (usually I threaten him with death if he touches them). By the way, the rice pudding makes a very nice breakfast.

So lets begin…

I was able to choose my menu as you can too on the website. I love being able to choose my breakfasts and lunches out of the Popular and Options choices. I always try and choose a breakfast with two components, say a cereal and a toast. I have very little time to eat breakfast in the morning as I run around madly getting the kids ready for school so I eat the cereal when I wake up and then once they are at school and all is calm, I come home, make coffee and my toast, sit down and eat slowly while reading newspapers online. Bliss. I usually choose one-stop breakfasts for the weekend when I work and don’t stop for long for my morning snack. I eat late and am usually starving for my breakfast and that’s when I love baked beans or the highlight of my summer menu this week – pikelets!

This morning I choose the Almond Toasted Muesli with skim milk. As usual I have forgotten to buy skim milk so I have used Lite White. This muesli is sooooo delicious. I used to work in breakfast radio and could never eat muesli because it took so long to chew. Now I enjoy every nutty, chewy mouthful. Once again I am wondering how this program can work when it taste so normal and yummy but as the past almost fifteen years has taught me, it works every time.

I am saving my multigrain toast with plum jam for my morning snack with my orange. I’m glad I have an orange because I am anemic and take a slow-release iron tablet each day (because every other one I’ve tried doesn’t work for me) and iron absorption is increased when you eat citrus.

Today I won’t do any formal exercise because I have karate with the kids tonight and that’s plenty for one day. Our instructor tends to pick on me because I am the slowest at everything. After my fiftieth push up I am shattered and my kids are laughing their heads off. I normally have trouble placing my toast in the toaster the next day after karate night.

BTW, do the program with me and let me know how you are going in the comments section. The weather is heating up…dresses and thongs await!
La Dolce Vita!

Jo Abi

2 Responses to “Time to lose the ‘uni assignment’ weight”

  1. wartica November 15, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    Wishing you nothing but the best of luck on your first day to a better , and healthier, life:) If you’re ever interested in checking out, Stash makes a chocolate mint tea–UNREAL , to say the least:))


  2. Jo November 15, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Oh yum! That sounds amazing. Where do I find the recipe?


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