Lazy Mum or Fun Mum?

4 Nov

I didn’t realise I’d become a lazy mother until I was looking after an only-child one night at my sister’s house. This gorgeous little girl shone a mirror up to me that I will never forget. Yes, I could use the excuse that I’m a lazy mother because I have three children and work, and that particular night I was in charge of seven children in total. But the bad habits I’ve developed really have no excuse.

One of my favourite Oprah quotes is, “I always say moms have the toughest job in the world if you’re doing it right.”

It started with the setting up of our regular ‘movie party’. When my sister has a night out I take my kids to her house and we rent movies and set up some pretty brilliant snacks. We all grab pillows and blankets and take up positions on the lounge room floor and settle in for a night of movie-watching and grazing.

I asked them to eat a slice of pizza first. Not the healthiest choice but I hadn’t had time to cook dinner because I’d come straight from work. We all ate a slice and then the movie snacks were poured into bowls and we pressed play on what turned out to be a very funny pirate movie for kids.

We piled our plates high and I watched in amusement because I knew they’d put heaps of food on their plates, have a nibble and then forget all about it.

“I’m not eating any more junk,” my little mirror said, pushing her plate away. She’d eaten one slice of plain cheese pizza, a handful of lollies and – obviously used to a much healthier diet – she rolled back and proceeded to suffer a massive stomach ache.

Next, I couldn’t find everyone’s toothbrushes at bedtime so I skipped it. I know they were all in the bathroom somewhere but I was feeling a little weary and ordering them all to use the toilet was about all I was willing to do.

I put the little ones to bed first. My nephew was sick so I gave him medicine and then – skipping the bedtime story, relieved none of them demanded one – I tucked them into bed and then spent the next hour running in and out of the room trying to get them to fall asleep.

My little friend wasn’t happy with her sleeping arrangements. She wanted a different blanket and she wanted her bed to be made up properly. Used to throwing my kids on a mattress with a pillow and a blanket, I wasn’t even sure I knew where the sheets were and told her to lie down. I tucked them in and they were asleep in minutes, thank goodness. If she’d had trouble going to sleep I’d pledged to search for sheets for her.

There are several good-mummy steps I skipped that night. From what I can figure they include but are not limited to serving the pizza with a side of salad or at least carrot sticks, setting up some healthy choices along with the movie snacks like strawberries or fruit skewers, locating toothbrushes and reading bedtime stories to all and making the beds up properly. I also failed to wash the dishes, choosing instead to spend the evening watching movies and reading Facebook posts. And I neglected to do the uni work I had assigned myself that evening which means I’ll have to get through it the following evening, cutting down on mummy time once again.

Yes it was a bad day but I have these more often than not. The bad days where the kids don’t brush their teeth, where I don’t fold the washing and where I skip bedtime stories are outnumbering the days where I do all these things and the stupid thing is that when I have a good mummy day we all sleep better. We are all happier and more secure.

I am kicking myself up the butt. Tiredness is something I will no longer use as an excuse for skipping crucial steps in a good parent’s routine. It’s not that bloody hard. Time for me to STEP THE HELL UP.

My good-mummy-catch-up-list includes but is not limited to cleaning their rooms properly, taking them for a check up at the dentist, buying them news shoes and clothes, buying new books to read at bedtime including all the classics, installing a games night one night a week for Guess Who and Monopoly and not just buying the fruit and veg but actually serving it. And heaps more hugs and kisses at bedtime.

I can’ do it. Say it with me, I CAN DO IT!


3 Responses to “Lazy Mum or Fun Mum?”

  1. Faithrises November 4, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    Fun Mum! The smile in the picture says it all!! 🙂


    • joabiadmin November 15, 2012 at 7:56 am #

      Thanks. Being a mum is fun, and hard work, and tiring. I need my red vines!



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