I’m a working girl this long weekend. Yay for me!

28 Sep

I am so happy it’s the long weekend. I usually work on weekends and when I saw that the public holiday was coming up I sent my boss an email saying “I am happy to work all day. Bring it on!” He fulfilled my request. I am working from 5am until 7pm.

So for the next three days I am a working girl. I get to leave the house every morning and bring home some bacon. I’ll kiss my children goodbye, wave as I drive down the street and wait until I’ve turned the corner before I turn up the radio, roll down the windows and whoop in delight at my clever escape.

Equally, my husband delights in his role as house husband. For three days he’s in charge. He gets to decide what’s for breakfast (probably Coco Pops). He gets to take them to the park. He gets to clean up after them. He gets to decide on dinner (probably McDonalds or KFC). We were watching House Husbands recently and he said, “That’ll be me.” Rolling my eyes I reminded him that being house husband for three days was a bit different from those who do it most days and that by Monday night he’ll be itching to get back to work. I guarantee it.

I love working. I love having a reason to get dressed and leave the house. I love making coffee in my travel coffee mug and packing my food for the day. I love stopping off at the service station and picking up the paper and afternoon tea (lately it’s been mint Aero Bars but I have been known to pick up at block of Cadbury Hazelnut Chocolate – don’t call me predictable).

When I get to work I sing greetings out to everyone. Sometimes they grunt in response. Many ignore me. Yes, it’s irritating how happy I am to be at work when they’d do anything to not be at work. But don’t they know how lucky they are? We are employed, we get along, our work is fun and the time flies and the insanely annoying casual will bring in enough chocolate for everyone. Can it get any better than this? I even leave the good coffee out for everyone to use. I rock.

I’m sure the novelty would wear off for me if I had to do this every day but for now I’m SUPER EXCITED. I especially love ringing home and checking in on the kids. Their phone manner alone makes it all worth it.

They usually go something like this…

Me:  Hi baby.

Three-year-old:  Hi Mum.

Me:  What are you doing?

Three-year-old:  Eating cheese.

Me:  Yum. What’s Daddy doing?

Three-year-old:  Computer. And Mum, Philip spilled.

Me:  Oh no, did Daddy clean it up?

Three-year-old:  Not yet. Bye bye Mum.

Me:  Bye bye baby.

And I’m just a teeny tiny bit happy that by the time I get home on Monday night the kids will be in bed. And I’ll put down my bag, kick off my shoes, flick on the TV and eat leftovers.




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