It feels like we have been sick for three months!

26 Aug

This is my little girl. Cute, isn’t she? She’s just turned three and I can’t remember her ever being sick.

Two days ago she vomited all through my hair and down the front of my top. She became the latest gastric victim in our family.

All the children in my family have been battling gastric since the start of winter. I was the first to get it and since then it has jumped from child to child, sometimes three times.

Are we meant to move house?

I just can’t figure it out. This has been THE WORST winter on record. Is it because between my sisters and I there are seven children? Are we doomed to suffer from contagious illnesses for weeks on end?

Some of us got it badly, some of it mildly, some of us got it badly, then mildly, then badly again. We’ve never gone through so much Glen 20 in our lives.

I think our karate instructor thinks we are lying but we have missed so many classes this winter. We’ll be all dressed and ready and then one of us vomits or craps ourselves. It’s ridiculous and exhausting.

The doctor always tells me that it’s not a bad thing when they get sick because each time they recover they get stronger. Really? It doesn’t seem that way to me. And I haven’t slept properly for months. Do you know how tiring it is to change bed sheets and wash them and change them again? And the soiled clothing. And the innocent stainless steel mixing bowls my sister and I both use for cakes and salads are now called ‘vomit bowls’. I was making a cake a few days ago and my son said, “Why are you making a cake in the vomit bowl?” I explained that while it had its uses, it was originally my favourite mixing bowl and I had thoroughly cleaned it and was making a cake and we were going to eat it!

How has your winter been? Probably better than mine.


2 Responses to “It feels like we have been sick for three months!”

  1. Angela McIntyre August 27, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    Sorry Jo, once it’s used as a vomit bowl, it will always be a vomit bowl… hard to think of good things coming out of it when your stomach pushes the bad stuff into it. Might be time to get a new bowl.

    Hope you and the family get well soon!


    • joabiadmin November 15, 2012 at 8:02 am #

      Thanks. We just went through it all again and I have a designated vomit bowl. x


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