The case of the missing eyebrow

5 Aug

The enviable eyebrows of Megan Fox


I’ve been a DIY woman for a while now. I colour my own hair, wax my own legs, paint my own nails and whiten my own teeth. Being a busy mother of three this has been convenient and budget-friendly.

Recently I have started to resent how much time I spend at home waiting for the colour to work, trying to quickly wax while my little girl has her nap, waiting for my nails to dry before I can clean the kitchen and not being able to speak while my teeth become pearly white. Before I had children I loved getting things done at hairdressers and beauticians. My hairdresser and beautician became very good friends. It was social. We spend hours chatting and grooming. It was a highlight. I decided to get back out there, get it all done in one day and free myself of all of this at home.

I have been walking past a beautician for years now and was happy to walk in this time. I had an appointment for an eyebrow waxing. I’ve always plucked them myself.

I sat waiting patiently for my appointment and a beautiful and well-groomed older woman came out to greet me. Oh my gosh I want to look like her.

She led me into an office where the mood music was playing and the incense was burning. Just for an eyebrow wax!

She sat me down on a very comfortable chair and asked me about her day as she prepped the wax, the kind that doesn’t need a strip. She applied it to the top of one brow and ripped it off. It hurt a lot less than when I did it at home to myself. I always had a slight moment of hesitation.

She went to the next eyebrow, applied the wax and ripped it off. She starred at it, excused herself and walked out of the office.

I sat waiting for her to come back in, thinking of what I was going to eat for lunch. She came back in wearing glasses. Hang on, she wasn’t wearing those before.

She examined her work, applied oil to sooth my brows, ushered me to the register, took my money and I left.

When I got in the car and flicked the mirror down I saw that half of my right eyebrow was missing.




One Response to “The case of the missing eyebrow”

  1. justBglam August 5, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    How unfortunate! I gave had some bad experiences myself!


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