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It feels like we have been sick for three months!

26 Aug

This is my little girl. Cute, isn’t she? She’s just turned three and I can’t remember her ever being sick.

Two days ago she vomited all through my hair and down the front of my top. She became the latest gastric victim in our family.

All the children in my family have been battling gastric since the start of winter. I was the first to get it and since then it has jumped from child to child, sometimes three times.

Are we meant to move house?

I just can’t figure it out. This has been THE WORST winter on record. Is it because between my sisters and I there are seven children? Are we doomed to suffer from contagious illnesses for weeks on end?

Some of us got it badly, some of it mildly, some of us got it badly, then mildly, then badly again. We’ve never gone through so much Glen 20 in our lives.

I think our karate instructor thinks we are lying but we have missed so many classes this winter. We’ll be all dressed and ready and then one of us vomits or craps ourselves. It’s ridiculous and exhausting.

The doctor always tells me that it’s not a bad thing when they get sick because each time they recover they get stronger. Really? It doesn’t seem that way to me. And I haven’t slept properly for months. Do you know how tiring it is to change bed sheets and wash them and change them again? And the soiled clothing. And the innocent stainless steel mixing bowls my sister and I both use for cakes and salads are now called ‘vomit bowls’. I was making a cake a few days ago and my son said, “Why are you making a cake in the vomit bowl?” I explained that while it had its uses, it was originally my favourite mixing bowl and I had thoroughly cleaned it and was making a cake and we were going to eat it!

How has your winter been? Probably better than mine.


Learn to take a compliment

11 Aug

I’ve never been good at taking compliments. Just this morning I arrived at work and my work colleague said, “Gosh, your hair looks good.” My response, “No it doesn’t.” How about, “Thanks”? Why can’t I take a compliment?

Even when I agree that my hair does look good or my top is nice and floaty I sometimes say thanks and then think to myself…They don’t really mean it. They are just being nice.

Is it that in Australia we are raised to be humble? We’ll do anything to avoid seeming up ourselves and if a celebrity appears too big for their boots we’re happy to rip them to shreds too just to remind them that they aren’t all that. Why, why, why?

When I look back at photos of myself from six years ago I think I looked pretty decent but even then I always thought I was too wrinkly, too fat, too…whatever. I wish my inner voice was my best friend, not a mean girl. Maybe then I’d be able to take a compliment and allow myself to feel okay. Why is the bad stuff easier to believe?

My friend said she liked my eye makeup the other day and I brushed her off. “It’s just a quick job,” I said. In truth, I’d spent twenty minutes following instructions trying to get it right. Why didn’t I take the credit?

And a young friend who has asked me to help her get a job recently commented that I motivate her because I’ve done so well. “No I haven’t,” is my immediate response.

My default setting is clearly set to negative and even the thought of basking in any sort of flattery leaves me feeling a little queasy. What if they think I’m up myself? What if they think I love myself?

Life would be way more fun if we ran our personal lives like those of sporting heroes. If I’m having a good hair day I’d like to be able to shake up some champagne and let the roses be thrown at me, figuratively speaking. I’ve lost a couple of kilos? Yes, yes I have. It took constant and consistent chocolate-depravation but aren’t I amazing? I’ve achieve a lot in my career. Yes, it was hard, but I got there, thanks, thanks heaps.

Compliment = thank you = feeling of satisfaction or achievement. We are allowed to feel good about ourselves!

The case of the missing eyebrow

5 Aug

The enviable eyebrows of Megan Fox


I’ve been a DIY woman for a while now. I colour my own hair, wax my own legs, paint my own nails and whiten my own teeth. Being a busy mother of three this has been convenient and budget-friendly.

Recently I have started to resent how much time I spend at home waiting for the colour to work, trying to quickly wax while my little girl has her nap, waiting for my nails to dry before I can clean the kitchen and not being able to speak while my teeth become pearly white. Before I had children I loved getting things done at hairdressers and beauticians. My hairdresser and beautician became very good friends. It was social. We spend hours chatting and grooming. It was a highlight. I decided to get back out there, get it all done in one day and free myself of all of this at home.

I have been walking past a beautician for years now and was happy to walk in this time. I had an appointment for an eyebrow waxing. I’ve always plucked them myself.

I sat waiting patiently for my appointment and a beautiful and well-groomed older woman came out to greet me. Oh my gosh I want to look like her.

She led me into an office where the mood music was playing and the incense was burning. Just for an eyebrow wax!

She sat me down on a very comfortable chair and asked me about her day as she prepped the wax, the kind that doesn’t need a strip. She applied it to the top of one brow and ripped it off. It hurt a lot less than when I did it at home to myself. I always had a slight moment of hesitation.

She went to the next eyebrow, applied the wax and ripped it off. She starred at it, excused herself and walked out of the office.

I sat waiting for her to come back in, thinking of what I was going to eat for lunch. She came back in wearing glasses. Hang on, she wasn’t wearing those before.

She examined her work, applied oil to sooth my brows, ushered me to the register, took my money and I left.

When I got in the car and flicked the mirror down I saw that half of my right eyebrow was missing.




How I came to be on a Lite n Easy ad

4 Aug

It’s been a very strange week. Every time I watch the Olympics or Masterchef I am confronted with a TV ad featuring me (!) and my weight loss story. Here’s how it came about…

About twelve years ago I met a really hot, fit, older man. He cycled for two hours a day and was always dirt bike riding, jet skiing or mountain climbing. Then there was me. I was a tired, over weight breakfast radio announcer. I’d put on heaps of weight since getting my dream job and was too tired to lose it. I’d never had to lose weight before. How did I get so fat so quickly?

He still liked me. He saw something in me I suppose. When I ask him what he saw in me he says I was cute and he liked my personality. Anyway…

For the first time in two years I was motivated to lose weight. I wanted us to be a matching pair. I started looking for a weight loss program to help me and they all involved hundreds of dollars up front or meetings. I turned to Lite n Easy instead.

I was getting up at 3.30am for work and was exhausted. I needed it to be affordable and easy. It was and it still is.

I lost weight so quickly my radio c0-host thought I’d developed an eating disorder. It was just that I was eating good food, not too much and doing a little exercise. I was young. I was twenty-three. My body wanted to be slimmer. It worked so well. I went from 74 kilos to 58 kilos. For the next four years I floated between 58 and 56. We had so much fun during that time. I could keep up with him. Weekends were spent rollerblading and getting out. We ate great food but Lite n Easy had taught me about portion control so I was able to maintain my weight.

Then at 27 I fell pregnant. I put on weight quickly. My body lost no time in packing on the kilos as I floundered through nine months of anxiety with everyone around me telling me to stop dieting and start eating for two. In reality while pregnant the body only needs around two extra pieces of toast during the last trimester. I should have been more careful.

I put all the weight back on and after I arrived home went straight back on Lite n Easy. It worked just as well as it did the first time.

I fell pregnant again four years later and then two years after that. Each time I put on a bit of weight and Lite n Easy helped me get it off.

So for the past twelve years I’ve either been on a full Lite n Easy program or had some of their frozen meals in my fridge.

Two years ago I was on their website placing an order when I noticed a competition to win a Nintendo Wii. I really wanted to win one for my nephew so I sent in a before and after photo and told them my story. I didn’t win the Wii but I was asked to attend a photo shoot for their website.

Two years later they asked me to attend another photo shoot and a week after that they asked if I’d like to be in their new TV ad. Hell yeah!

It’s so fun to see the ads because I can see how I look to other people and three kids later and it ain’t that bad!

That’s my Lite n Easy story. Lite n Easy worked for me. I believe all diets and weight loss programs work – if you stick to them – and the trick is to find the one that works for you.

Most of us struggle with our weight and we are all in it together. Do your best and do whatever works for you. And don’t forget that no matter what you weigh, you are lucky. You have arms and legs that work, you aren’t sick, you are blessed to have enough food to eat each day. You are already a ‘success story’. If you’re happy then that’s all you can ask for. If you feel like you need to lose weight for your health or to keep up with your kids or just to feel a little better in your jeans, choose what works for you and go for it!



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