Mortgage your house and see a movie

19 Jul

When did movies become so expensive?

I love going to the movies but to take my family of five it costs as much as a small car. And if we want to eat while we watch the movie…it costs as much as a much larger car.

I love going to the movies. I even love kids movies. My favourites so far are Toy Story, Alvin and Ice Age. I love that children’s movies are made for the parents as well.

But it’s just so expensive.

For us to see a movie it costs around $80. And that’s if we don’t select the 3D option. I don’t even wear my 3D glasses in those movies. They hurt the bridge of my nose.

In fact, heaps of family activities that I always dreamed of doing with my children are expensive. Have you gone bowling lately. It cost over $100 for two games. Are the pins made of gold? And those over-priced hot chips. Are they truffle-oil infused?

Perhaps the bowling arcade I chose was too nice. When I was younger bowling was a cheap activity and everything was a little worn and slightly old (including the chips) but we had a blast. Now I am covered in cold sweat, wondering how I’ll trim my grocery budget to make up the money I have spend on this family event.

I actually have to save up money ahead of school holidays, just so we don’t get stuck at home every day. When I was little we lived on five acres and our backyard was the best adventure playground you could imagine. Our backyard now is just big enough to fit a clothes line, a trampoline and a storage shed.

Local parks? Yes they’re okay but activities like this are weather-dependent and the past few months haven’t been the best when it comes to playing outdoors. Gumboots anyone?

So this Sunday we are spending half of our weekly grocery budget on a movie, snacks and lunch and I’ll do my best do enjoy it. If I’m going to spend the money I may as well enjoy it. And I’ll be bringing all our leftovers home. We’ll be needing them!

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

2 Responses to “Mortgage your house and see a movie”

  1. Anxiouschica July 20, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    Is there a drive in near you Jo? Those are cheaper 🙂


  2. Jo Abi July 21, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    There is actually. That’s a good idea. Not sure how the kids will handle sitting in the car but thanks!


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