We CAN save Darrell Lea!

12 Jul

Australia, this is a call to action.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Power to the people!

We CAN save Darrell Lea.

Darrell Lea is an iconic Australian company. Not only does it contribute to the economy, it sells THE BEST chocolate and confectionary in the country, if not the world.

All you have to do to save this delicious company is to THROW A DARRELL LEA PARTY WITHIN THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS!

Think about it.

Just go to your local Darrell Lea shop (I am blessed to have one at my local shopping centre) and buy all your favourites…peanut brittle, soft eating licorice, strawberry fudge, peppermint fudge, chocolate covered peanuts, caramel snows, giant jaffas, giant freckles…

Then, invite all your friends and family over, lay everything out, take a photo, Facebook and Tweet it and then hit it and hit it hard!

Eat like there’s no tomorrow. Eat like no-one is watching. Eat for the good of Darrell Lea, for the good of this country, for the good of this amazing company that has been there since I was a little girl and could cease to exist as in be gone FOREVER!

Oh my God, Rocklea Road, need I say more?

It’s the only show bag I buy for myself at the Easter Show each year. And what will Christmas be without some bilbies and white frogs in the kids stockings?

My husband’s birthday is next week and I am planning to transform his celebration into an Ode to Darrell Lea and I will Facebook and Tweet the event accordingly.

Father’s Day…buy Dad the special bag full of treats. Hell, buy him two!

We CAN save this amazing company. We MUST save this amazing company.

I urge you to join in this movement. You will never be more proud, you will never have more fun, you will never feel so full!

Hang in there Darrell Lea…we are coming to your rescue. Stuff our weight. Consider it an enjoyable momentary lapse for the greater good.

Australia needs Darrell Lea.

Jo Abi isn’t and never has been an employee of Darrell Lea or any affiliated organisation. She is merely a devoted consumer who is devastated at the prospect of it ceasing to exist. Even though she doesn’t go there as regularly as she should, just knowing it is there whenever she wants a treat is enough. She says, “Let’s PLEASE save Darrell Lea”.


3 Responses to “We CAN save Darrell Lea!”

  1. Carolyn July 12, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    I call for a Darrell Lea National Day of Action!! We the people of Australia must save our National Treasure. I cannot believe it has come to this!! However, there are people rallying and taking the call to arms…..Darrell Lea in Westfield Garden City Upper Mt Gravatt QLD was PACKED today!! Keep it going………..


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