Working weekends…

8 Jul

My son hates it when I leave for work on the weekend. As a weekend worker I miss out on a lot. I miss the relaxing family fun, the freedom to choose what we’re going to do that day instead of what we HAVE to do, I don’t get to kick a soccer ball around with my children with other families…

Working weekends is tough but between working weekends and not working at all, I choose working weekends. I love working. Yes, I miss my children, but the extra money, using my brain, getting out of the house…

I spend plenty of time with my children during the week so I try not to feel guilty when they get upset that I am leaving for work. One particularly frustrating Sunday morning when my son was extra annoyed that I was leaving for work I said, “Do you like your new Spiderman game? Guess how I paid for it!” He blinked, looked blank, and then continued complaining that I was leaving for work.

It’s particularly tough to leave for work when it’s gorgeously sunny Sydney day. But then again, I do get to read the Sunday papers without the interruption of three little people demanding snacks in correctly coloured bowls…

Us weekend workers are aware of what we miss out on but we also make the most of this time. When you have children you don’t necessarily get to choose your work hours. I’d LOVE to work more but it just doesn’t work for my family.

As with everything it’s about balance. When my husband suggested I considering giving up weekend work I felt like he’d shot me. My first response was, “No way” and then I took the time to explain how happy my work made me, even though it is inconvenient and not exactly well-paid.

I cling to any and all work I can get. I get to use my brain, have conversations with grownups, drink coffee before it gets cold.

That being said, if I work too much I don’t cope very well. All I want is to be home with my babies, snuggling and watching Charlie & Lola. I start to crave them…I pester my chosen baby sitter (Mum, my sister or my husband) with calls, “What are they doing now? Can I speak to them? Has Caterina pooed yet? What did they have for lunch?”

Anyway, hats off to all weekend workers…no late nights on Fridays and Saturdays, limited alcohol consumption if you do go out and set your alarm….because no one will wake you if you sleep in!

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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