Don’t mention the ‘C’ word yet…(Christmas!)

28 Jun

If I see Christmas decorations in the shops next week I am going to SCREAM! When did we start celebrating Christmas for six months and Easter for six months? It’s like it’s all set up to taunt me…You’d better get started…be prepared…buy some decorations now or all the good stars will be sold out…the look on your children’s faces when they don’t see their preferred fit under the tree…those pudding tins need to be purchased today…

Don’t get me wrong – I love both Christmas and Easter but it completely takes the enjoyment away when it is thrown in my face way too early. I can’t even explain the pressure I feel when I see tinsel from July through to December – the shakes, the jittering, the financial panic, the tightness in my chest…

I know there are some amazingly super-organised people who are happy to stock up early (I think they are doing all their shopping at the current sales) but I am not one of them.  I enjoy the anticipation in the lead up to Christmas but why does the lead up have to be so long and painful?

The horror I have felt for the past two years on New Year’s Eve for crying out loud when Easter eggs are positioned at checkouts across the country – I’m all for eating Easter eggs and hot cross buns for six months but once again, it isn’t as special when it lasts for months instead of weeks.

So here is my suggestion – NATIONAL BOYCOTT.

Repeat after me, “I pledge that I will not purchase any Christmas gifts or Christmas related items such as candy canes, tinsel and inflatable snowmen until at least late October.”

And don’t even get me started on Christmas lights. There are two houses in my suburb that still have some up from last year. Why?

I know, I know, Christmas in July. But I do remember when Christmas in July products were offered and then put away until later in the year for Christmas-proper. Now they are left out, taunting us and wagging their finger at us.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. The love, the joy, the shopping, the presents, the special food, the mess, the fun…it’s special because it only happens once a year.

So PLEASE don’t mention the ‘C’ word around me until much much much later in the year. At least let me get my tax return done first. Let me enjoy the start of Spring, argue with my children of whether or not we can celebrate Halloween this year and then, maybe then, I’ll think about Christmas.


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