I spotted my first whale today!

24 Jun

Today I spotted my first whale in Sydney Harbour.

I have lived in Sydney my whole life and never had the pleasure of seeing these majestic creatures swim through the ocean, blow water and flick their tales in the air.

I am lucky enough to have a pretty cool weekend job. I film news footage for Channel ten from a helicopter at the Australian Traffic Network. I’ve filmed bush fires, car accidents and the dam spilling over during the flooding but this was by far the coolest job I’ve ever had for them.

There’s a whole world out there in the ocean. It’s one I haven’t thought about much before. I’m not big on water or boats or going to the beach. I much prefer activities on land. But this has definitely changed my mind and my next step is to book a whale watching cruise.

I did see several boats out there. That’s how I found the whales. I spotted the boats slowly tracking the whales and there they were. A mama and her calf.

They are so huge and sleek. It really was magical to see them and I hope you too have the pleasure one day.

I kept waiting for the ‘money shot’. For some reason I kept expecting them to leap out of the water. The pilot gently reminded me that they are whales, not dolphins and by the way we are running out of fuel and have to head back…

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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