Traveling with kids

19 Jun


Traveling with children isn’t easy. Ha, understatement of the century. It’s difficult enough to travel around our local area fulfilling various obligations without adding a plane, a hotel, mummy’s work and all that this entails.

I have a job in QLD in three weeks time. My three children, my mother and I will be traveling there by plane and flying back a few days later. I’ve never traveled with all three children. I’ve traveled with one….I’m not a drinker but I might be by the time I get back.

The travel, cost and accommodation is all being taken care of for me so all I need to worry about is keeping the kids happy and stop my mother from having a nervous breakdown (a nervous breakdown isn’t an option for me).

Here’s my plan:

* Pack each of them a special back pack with a book, some colouring and their favourite snacks;

* Pack their favourite foods including two-minute-noodles just in case they refuse to eat the magnificent hotel food;

* Bring their special sleeping toys;

* Remember the phone, iPod and Nintendo DS chargers;

* Nappies and heaps of wipes;

* Look up the hotel address and find my local supermarket;

* Make it fun and keep them happy.

I’m excited and daunted at the prospect of this trip. I am trying very hard to NOT PANIC. What if they cry on the plane? What if they vomit in the car or on the plane? What if they refuse to sleep at the hotel? What if they get lost? What if I’m too stressed out to get the job done? What if my mum doesn’t cope?

Traveling with children can be fabulously wonderful (from what I’ve heard) but I’ve never been a traveler on my own so traveling with children is a challenge for me.

So I’m going to do my best to keep everyone happy and have a bit of fun myself. I’m picturing happy children colouring and munching on Pringles on the plane (I always crave Pringles when I fly, not sure why). I imagine delighted shrieks when they see the plane and happiness at their first glimpse of our hotel room. I want our nights to be like slumber parties. I plan to rent great movies, make popcorn, change everyone into their nightclothes and relax together before bedtime.

Bedtime…hmmm…if they sleep at all I’ll be happy. They’ll all want to be in the same room with me and we are in a two bedroom apartment. I wanted one of them to sleep with my mum, one with me and my eldest on the roll in bed in my room. What will happen will be me and all three kids in a bedroom and then once they’ve fallen asleep, I tiptoe out and get some sleep on the lounge before they all wake up.

So, that’s my optimistic plan. Let’s see how I go.

Every time my husband mentions taking the kids on a trip I cringe. He wants to take them to Seaworld, Disneyworld, the Blue Mountains. Whenever he says that I think travel sickness, running out of wipes, crying, tantrums and deep, throbbing headaches.

I know my kids pretty well and I think I know how to snap them out of any bad moods. Lollies work, tickle fights, hugs and kisses and their favourite toys…for me happiness is happy kids, sleeping kids, my favourite coffee and coming home after a terrific weekend.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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