I’m one great jacket away from enjoying Winter

17 Jun

I’m one great jacket away from enjoying Winter. To quote my dad, “It’s been a bugger of a Winter” so far. Not only am I worried about my electricity bill, the kids have been sick and I’ve had to work some early morning hours. I don’t know about you but I feel the cold like shards of glass against my skin.

Each night I perform what I call ‘the heater dance’ which involved getting up several times a night to turn heaters on and off in an effort to reduce my electricity bill. The kids are dressed like they are going skiing and each bed has several blankets.

We were doing pretty well and then all the kids fell ill. My little girl hasn’t been sick before and managed to catch the flu in time for her birthday party. She looks very sad and sorry in her photos. My little boy was also quite sick and managed to develop a huge sty on his eye which impaired his vision. My big boy fell sick with a completely different illness and my nieces and nephews were sick too. I had three different kinds of antibiotics in the fridge, two eye ointments and vitamins.

It was a race to wipe their noses before they used their sleeves. At night time the coughing kept us all away. It felt like we were in hibernation. We didn’t leave the house for days.

We had a cold summer and now a wet and freezing Winter. I shouldn’t complain. According to tourists Winter here is quite mild. You haven’t experienced cold until you’ve lived through a Canadian Winter (although my sister said it wasn’t too bad because everyone has central heating and proper Winter clothes).

If a doctor tells me that “illness makes kids strong” or “it’s JUST a virus” one more time I’m going to scream.

Still, it’s not as bad as it could be. Family life doesn’t really fall apart unless I get sick and (touch wood) I’ve managed to avoid catching their many and varied illnesses so far.

The one highlight this Winter has been my dad building little fires in his backyard to warm himself up. The kids and I toasted marshmallows and it was so much fun. My dad had never done it before and reduced his first marshmallow to a burning, melted mess but by the end he had the fine art of lightly toasted marshmallows down to a fine art.

So maybe it’s not that it’s too cold this Winter. Maybe I’m just not eating enough toasted marshmallows drinking enough hot chocolate.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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