‘Shcool is boring mum’

30 May


Where did I go wrong?

My son signed up to a new online game last night and his choice of password is ‘shcoolisboring’. Perhaps if he paid more attention at ‘shcool’ he would know how to spell the word.

I wanted to raise children who were passionate and enthusiastic about their education. I wanted them to appreciate the fact the got to attend school at all, let alone a good school with good teachers.

I was raised valuing education and I knew it would somehow lead me to a good career, even if my marks weren’t that good. I’d find the subjects I naturally excelled at and follow a career path that took advantage of those skills. I excelled at Economics, English and Ancient History. All my other results were pretty bad but the word ‘diligent’ was used in most of my report cards, as though the teachers were saying ‘she tries, poor love, but she doesn’t quite get there’.

So my son thinks school is boring. He said he likes recess and lunchtime but that they have to do ‘too much work’ and ‘everyone keeps borrowing my stuff’ during class.

I told him he is lucky. I explained that in some countries children his age didn’t get to go to school. They have to work. They wish they could put on a uniform and go to school.

“I’d want to work,” he said.

“What job would you do,” I asked him.

“Make movies,” he answered.

What followed was a speech where I explained that to ‘make movies’ he might want to focus on art, writing and computer studies and choose those subjects in uni – perhaps do some work experience.

“What’s uni,” he asked.

“It’s a school for grown ups but you get to choose what you learn and go to lots of parties.”


So uni is ‘cool’ and ‘shcool’ is boring.

All is not lost. I will diligently reinforce appreciation for education in him…and make him write down the word ‘school’ several times, or lines saying ‘School is not boring and I’m lucky to be able to go to school at all’.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

2 Responses to “‘Shcool is boring mum’”

  1. Anna May 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Jo, there’s nothing wrong with you, or Philip! Academic kids always love school, and Creative kids always hate school. Philip is extremely creative which is why he finds it boring. School is geared toward the Academic kids enjoying it more. School should come up with new, fun ways to teach, so creative kids enjoy school too.


  2. Judit Angelica Newton June 2, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    If it is any consolation, remember Einstein couldn’t spell. When asked to examine a pile of old copybooks, an expert said that the kid who wrote them was probably “retarded” and would never amount to anything….. I am pretty sure that Picasso wasn’t the best student in his class either.


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