Snot fun

26 May


I love how children sneeze. Babies sneeze with their entire bodies and according to my sister and her newborn, they make a little ‘let down’ sound after. Toddlers produce a lot of snot. Not knowing how to hold back, they sneeze with all their might, shooting out nose debris as far as 2 metres. If any refuse is left hanging down their face they become moaning statues until you run and wipe them up.

Children wipe their noses on their clothes. No matter how many times you tell them to get a tissue, youthful instinct takes over and the use the nearest available snot rag being their clothing and usually leave a snail trail across their cheek which is you’re lucky, develops into a rash.

We’re told not to give our children medication to dry them up. As my doctor reminded me, “It’s better if it comes out. If it stops coming out, that’s when they get infections.” So no medicine, just three children in various locations around my house sneezing their heads off and me running around trying to make sure they don’t wipe it on the lounge/bedsheets/family pet.

Winter sucks and blows (pun intended). I’m completely freaking out over our electricity bill. My mother in law who is lucky enough to be the recipient of most of my financial meltdowns has sent me two boxes full of snuggie blankets to wrap the kids in a bedtime. Still, I think it has a lot to do with their air they breath, although these blankets will help.

When I was little we used hot water bottles. They were fantastic and comforting (although my mum says they used to leak and eventually smell). They were brilliant for period pain. I think Kmart still sells them.

Tissues feel like sandpaper after half a day of blowing and wiping, even the fancy aloe vera ones. We use baby wipes in my house. It’s like fragrant angels are wiping your nose….well it’s better than tissues.

My thoughts are with you during this chilling weather. All I want to do is drink hot coffee and tea, cupasoups and sit in front of the heater, under the blankets, holding a packet of baby wipes and sucking on a butter menthol.

As my mother says on particularly cold days, “It must be snowing somewhere.” It is.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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