Oh, this is what real hunger feels like?

10 May

Tonight I found out what true hunger feels like. I’d read about it. It’s called primal hunger. It’s when your body hungers for food so badly you have no choice but to feed, feed, feed!

I’ve increased my exercise this week and have been coping well so far. Except tonight I endured a child-induced hour-and-a-half karate class that left me exhausted, sore and hungry as all hell!

Because I wasn’t planning on eating anything else today I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened. It wasn’t pretty. But here goes…I started picking at a bowl of leftover ravioli that I’d left on the dining table as I raced out the door. Soon the bowl was gone. For some reason this made me hungrier. Half a packet of cheese flavoured biscuits later and I stopped and had a big drink of water. But I needed something else. I spotted a large packet of Froot Loops I’d bought on a whim a couple of days ago. I started throwing them back with the ease of a professional eater until I finally started to feel a little full.

This wasn’t my proudest moment but I have never been so hungry in my life. It caught me completely by surprise. None of the foods I ate are on my usual list of bedtime snacks. I can understand now why athletes use protein shakes to fill up.

I’m not feeling very good now. My strange combination of empty calories, carbs, sugar and salt have turned my well-exercised tummy into a cement mixer.

My little karate kid did pretty well too. We were grabbing those cheese biscuits in tandem. It was a perfectly-synched crunchy feast. We eyed each other wildly, wondering if we had to stop chewing before grabbing the next one. Froot Loops have never tasted so good without milk.

He, like me, is a little worse-for-wear.

Can you remember the last time you felt real hunger? I rarely let myself get this hungry but it was a good reminder of what hunger feels like and how good food tastes when you are ravenous.

Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast methinks. And a protein-rich snack waiting for us after karate next week.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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