Go Margie! The Biggest Loser finale tonight!

8 May

I’ve had a soft spot for Margie since the first episode of The Biggest Loser. She’s so honest and desperate for a better life. All the contestants touch me in some way but when it comes to the final four, I am most definitely Team Margie!

Margie, Brenda, Alex and Kasey all deserve to win, but they’ve won already. They’ve transformed themselves and they have the potential for a much better, healthier life.

I don’t watch reality TV religiously at first. I usually latch on mid-season and by the end I’m organising my schedule around weigh ins, cook offs and finales. The Biggest Loser is special. Yes they lose weight with a lot of help and under extraordinary circumstances. It’s true that we could never lose weight at the rate they do. But what I love about this show is the happiness that starts to shine through. They are given a glimpse of what their life could be. They realise that ultimately when it comes to their life and happiness, THEY are the ones in control.

Losing weight is difficult and putting on weight is depressing but at the end of the day, we are in control.

People close to me have tranformed themselves but it’s taken commitment, diligence and dedication. It’s been about consistency and permanent changes. There are no crash diets…just small changes that become habit. Eating healthier food, eating less, exercising every week and letting bad eating days be bad eating days, not bad eating weeks or months.

I hope all the contestants embrace their new lifestyle. I hope they keep the weight off. I hope they remember that they are in control and I hope Margie wins tonight!!!

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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