How did I end up in here?

3 May

Now that I have children I love to watch all the movies that were part of my childhood -The Goonies, The Boy Who Could Fly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Sound of Music and Karate Kid.

My son LOVED Karate Kid and begged to join a class. He’d given up on soccer (running made him too tired) and I was sick of dragging him to games. Karate seemed like a good idea, especially because they offered mixed classes for children and adults.

We went along and it was fun for the first two weeks. Other parents sit and watch. There I was in a class where we’re not allowed to speak unless spoken too, where we are yelled at and where I have to do something I’m pretty bad at.

I thought I’d do okay. I work out, I do push ups. I discovered that I have no balance, that I can’t follow simple instructions. My mind wanders. I don’t hear my name being called because in my mind I am grocery shopping or writing a uni assignment. I don’t like getting yelled at. Now I know how my children feel!

My niece and nephew have joined us and we’re all yellow belts now, and about to be graded for our orange belt. I have to admit I was inspired at our first grading. Many black belt instructors are mums who started off just like me. They figured they’d join in instead of sit and watch and the rest as they say is history.

It is nice to have something my son and I can practice together. My niece and nephew are much better at it than I am, my son and I are at a similar level. We don’t mind doing it but sometimes we’re tired. Our minds wander. We fidget. Perhaps this is why karate is a good idea for us. We can practice stillness, focus, hearing our name being called.

I am a karate-mum. It’s easy than being a soccer mum (no early mornings) but harder in some ways too (I don’t get to just watch while sipping takeaway coffee).

I am bowing now….

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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