Coffee metabolises fat?!?

27 Apr

I read all diet books and log on to all diet sites. I can’t help myself. Most days I do okay with my eating but for some reason I am interested in everything and anything when it comes to diets. Probably because most of us struggle so much to stick to them. We always want to be a thinner, happier version of ourselves. It’s exhausting.

I watch The Biggest Loser (of course) and I love it. I usually visit the website too to read up on the contestants and I was intrigued to read an ad on the site for a rapid weight loss program. I signed up immediately.

In the introduction video the consultant talked about how to do it. He explained the program and gave instructions on how to do it in a healthy way. Then he said something that floored me. I thought I’d heard everything. I’ve never heard his.

He said for us to drink two to three caffeinated beverages each day because caffeine helps to metabolise weight!

I’d only ever heard that coffee isn’t good for dieting. Apparently it causes a spike in your blood sugar and causes you to crave sweets.

I love coffee in a mildly obsessive way. I carry a jar of my favourite instant coffee around in my handbag – Moccona Indulgence. I drink the good coffee at home. When I go out I love a good coffee. If it isn’t excellent I don’t even bother to drink it. My favourite coffee to drink when I go out is the Max Brennar Skim Cap, an espresso with a splash of milk (macchiato) from most cafes and a latte at McCafe (their coffee has improved).

When I am drinking instant I always have to make it myself. I take a heaped teaspoon of coffee, a flat teaspoon of raw sugar and then a big splash of light milk (not skim for crying out loud). No once makes it the way I like it.

I love coffee. I grew up with the smell of it in my house. It usually meant my dad was around or about to arrive home. He used to drink espressos and he’d let me eat the sugar left at the bottom of his cup. My uncle used to freeze espresso and eat it as a snack. We soaked biscuits in it to make tirami su.

I plan to move forward with this incredible advice and thoroughly enjoy every sip instead of drinking it feeling like it’s something I should give it up at some stage.

Coffee rocks. And out of all the addictions I could have, it isn’t so bad.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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