Are there computers in heaven?

17 Apr

Gosh my kids are cute. I overheard yet another adorable conversation between my nine-year-old nephew and eight-year-old son today. It went something like this.

My son,  “Are there computers in heaven?”

My nephew, “Yes there are?”

My son, “How many do you think there are?”

My nephew, “Heaps, and they all work properly.”

My son, “But when we’re in heaven we probably won’t want to use computers anymore.”

My nephew, “Yeah.”

It’s this kind of innocent insight that makes me enjoy all the children in my family so much. Watching them interact with each other and listening to conversations like this just make my day. Children can be so profound and not even know it. They don’t over think their opinions, they just express them. They don’t stick to their original point, they let their ideas evolve. They are in a constant state of learning. It’s fascinating to watch and listen to.

Even less meaningful conversations touch me. Like this one between my four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter at bedtime a couple of nights ago.

My son, “Mum, I so very sad.”

Me, “Why baby?”

My son, “I so very scared of the dark.”

Me, “It’s okay baby. There’s nothing to be scared of at Caterina is here.”

My daughter, “Yeah, I here Giovanni, okay?”

Oh gosh, I’m tearing up.

There’s too many to mention and so many I’ve forgotten. I wish I could remember them all.

Being a mother is such a joy and and a gift and I never want to be so busy or distracted that I miss these moments. What are your kids talking about today? What do they say?

Let me know. Let’s share our stories. Because soon it will be, “I hate you mum” and “Can I borrow your car?” or even “Dad, stop chasing my boyfriend down the street with a baseball bat.”

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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