Tuna for breakfast

15 Apr

This morning my children ate tuna for breakfast.

I was preparing their usual breakfast of toast – vegemite for Philip, honey for Giovanni and butter-only for Caterina when Caterina came to me with a can of tuna, a bowl and a fork.

I think tuna might be an okay breakfast. It’s Sole Mare so it’s 100% olive oil and they eat it just like that, straight out of the can. While searching for a photo of Sole Mare Tuna to use in this blog I stumbled upon the Greenpeace website that rates tuna based on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. Sole Mare rated as ‘poor’ and my next favourite tuna, Sirena, rated as ‘improvement needed’. Yikes. I have twenty cans of Sole Mare in the cupboard and about six giant cans of Sirena so I’ll have to get through those before I start searching for an alternative. Have you ever noticed that there’s something wrong with everything we eat?

I’ve been phasing out cereal for breakfast due to the high sugar and salt content. I consider most cereals to be treat foods and I’ll sometimes eat a small bowl of Coco Pops for afternoon tea but I doubt we’ll ever eat it for breakfast again. This makes me very sad because as a child my favourite breakfast cereal of choice was Froot Loops and I still love them so much. Every mouthful brings back memories of cold mornings followed by a walk to school. I used to eat my Foot Loops staring out the window at the frost on the grass, thinking about how great my life was going to be when I was all grown up and was a lawyer or a journalist.

The breakfast we all love the most is bacon on toast. I buy the really nice and lean low fact bacon, grill it and we all eat little toasted bacon sandwiches. It doesn’t help that Philip has started calling it ‘pig for breakfast’, having recently discovered where most of his food comes from. As a former vegetarian this usually turns me off my bacon on toast and I have asked him to stop saying it. How many of us would eat meat if we had to kill the animals ourselves?

Most mornings we all end up with something different. I love bananas for breakfast or vegemite toast and the kid will usually settle for toast or if the bread delivery has arrived that morning, they’ll often have a slice or two of very fresh bread, plain, straight out of the packet.

Food can be medicine and it can be poison. It’s not what you do occasionally but what you do most of the time that counts. Thus the Coco Pops hidden in the back of my pantry.

My son’s birthday party is tomorrow and my first instinct is to do healthy foods followed by cake. I’d love to serve them sandwiches, cheese, carrot sticks, grapes and cake. My son vetoed this idea immediately. Apparently they aren’t ‘party foods’ and he will be ’embarrassed’ if that’s all I serve. So I will add in some fairy bread and a bowl of chips – compromise. I wonder which foods will be eaten first?!?

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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