Hot hot coffee on a cold cold day

11 Apr

There’s nothing better than a hot hot coffee on a cold cold day. The past few unexpectedly cold days have caught most of us under-prepared (I need jeans, socks and a couple of hats). My eight-year-old has grown and his long pants are all way too short so we went shopping for some new tops and pants to see him through the school holidays. I’ve dug out all the kids singlets from the bottom of their draws and extra blankets have been added to their beds. In an effort to save money on my electricity bill I have taken to dressing them in a few layers of clothing at night. They look like teletubbies!

In Australia we don’t get to pack and unpack our summer and winter clothes. They all need to be left accessible at all times of the year. Sometimes I even go home during the day to change clothes because it warms up or cools down so quickly and dramatically.

The sneezing has started. Two of my three children are sneezing and I can definitely feel a cold coming on. This is despite all efforts to stay warm – jackets being carried around, hats and hoods being used as needed…

I just ate my first mandarin of the year. So delicious! So wintery and citrusy.

The cold weather also makes me feel a little low of energy and extremely hungry. But with the weather changing so often and so dramatically I won’t be down for long. I’ll keep my thongs handy, my hats and nice jackets. I’ll be ready to kick my socks off at bedtime and put them back on when the cool change sweeps back in. I’ll make sure my coffee is hot, I’ll butter my toast quickly before it goes cold and I’ll definitely stock up on cold and flu medications.

This is Australia…

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi



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