Food poisoning!

2 Apr


Food poisoning stole my weekend! What on earth was I thinking buying ‘lunch’ from an unimpressive looking petrol station near work. I’d run out of time to pack my lunch and figured I’d pick something up. The problem is that I’m a very fussy eater and I’m getting worse as I get older. At the moment I’m trying to avoid processed food and everything in there was processed. So I choose a little cheese and water crackers pack. I had some almonds in my handbag and I figured it’d tide me over until I got home.

I ate the nasty cheese and crackers at about 3pm and the moment it hit my stomach I felt queasy. When I opened the meant-to-be sealed pack it had a little condensation on it but I ate it anyway. My stomach started to make scary noises and by the time I got in the car to pick my kids up at about 5pm I was definitely feeling under the weather.

The problem was that I had my son’s school Trivia Night that night. I was so looking forward to it. I’d helped organise it, the food we were bringing to my table was amazing (I’d basically suggested to everyone what I wanted them to bring creating the perfect balance of hummus, vegies, cheese, fruit and chocolates) and I just wanted to have a fun night out with the great mums I’d become friends with at the school. My mum and sister were there too. It wasn’t easy to organise for our husbands to take care of the kids but we’d done it.

At home getting ready I was forced to run to the toilet. I thought that would be it. It was just a little snack pack after all. I was a little pale and sweaty as I was leaving the house and my husband suggested I stay home. I absolutely refused. There’s no way I was missing out. I’d make it.

I got there, used the bathroom quickly (surely that would be the end of it) and said hi to everyone. We ran through the night quickly, I handed out the leis for our Hawaiian theme and sat down at my table. I looked at the food and felt nauseated. Round one began, my stomach started protesting again. My mum and sister knew I was a little off. I called out to my mum, gestured to the bathroom and that’s where I spent the rest of the night.

I thought I’d been in there for about 20 minutes. I was in there for 2 and a half hours. I didn’t have the energy to move and thanks to my frequent need for the toilet there wasn’t even a window of opportunity for someone to drive me home. I tried to be discreet. I’d use the toilet, flush immediately and then spray my deodorant. It work. No one found out I was sick in the toilet until later in the evening when I slumped to the floor and someone reported a dead body in there.

A nice teacher came in and asked if I as okay. I tried to explain what was going on using as few words as possible because I was so weak. My mum and sister were in and out and when my mum threatened to call an ambulance (embarrassing to say the least) my sister decided to go to the chemist and get me the medication to stop the onslaught. I took it and I made it home. I don’t need to go into details about my night but I managed to send out a few apology texts before losing consciousness and I’ve been sick ever since.

I’ve had food poisoning twice in my life. This is the third and the worst because this time I had three children to take care of. I dragged myself to work on Sunday and made it through with frequent naps, came home, finished the pizzas I was cooking for dinner and collapse once more.

The house was a mess for two days. My husband does a lot. Cleaning isn’t one of them. It looked like we’d been ransacked. It looked like squatters had been there. Corn cobs on the coffee table, popcorn scattered across the carpet, all the dishes in the sink and all the laundry in a big wrinkled pile in the corner of the lounge room. For once, I didn’t care and I couldn’t fix it if I wanted to. I took Panadol last night thanks to a throbbing dehydration headache and thankfully woke up almost completely better this morning.

It would be easier for everyone else in my family to get sick than me. I will never eat cheese and crackers again!

La Dolce Vita,

Jo Abi

2 Responses to “Food poisoning!”

  1. WyomingStoryGirl April 2, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    oh, you poor dear! So lucky to have only had food poisoning a couple of times. I think that’s what has led me towards more homemade food – I can’t think of one time before the age of 5 that I was sick from eating out. Because we didn’t eat out! Make sure to disinfect the shower curtain and every surface you normally touch or you could reinfect yourself with those nasty buggies. I’ve actually had that happen when someone else in my family was food poisoned. I didn’t wash the shower curtain/disinfect it. I was the first to use the tub and …. Feel better soon!


  2. joabiadmin April 12, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    Me too. If you cook it yourself at least you know what has gone into it. And when the kids get scary!


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