Minties or bust

31 Mar

My dentist told me to stop eating Minties. I complained that my side teeth were hurting and felt loose. He questioned me and I cracked. I confessed to my obsession and he all but wagged his finger at me.

I’ve always loved mint lollies and chocolates. Mint really divides people – some LOVE it like me and others wonder what I’m doing eating snacks that taste like toothpaste. But it’s just so sweet and refreshing, so delightful and surprising. What can I say…I’m addicted.

Minties are the epitome of mint confectionery. So you can imagine my HORROR when I read this week that they have changed the formula. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

My concerns were shared by many but those who’ve sampled the new version of Minties say they are still everything that is good about a Mintie. They are sweet and chewy, they are just a little softer. My dentist will be happy, or maybe not.

Can they add a little fluoride to the formula to counteract the effects of eating them on a daily basis? Will the new Minties mean I’ll never touch a Kool Mint again?

I once heard about chocolate Minties in New Zealand. It was just a rumour and I did question friends and family who traveled there. Apparently they have been discontinued. I understand. Minties are all about that one single, amazing flavour. There’s no point confusing it. Let it stand alone.

I’d also like to mention my fondness for White Knights, Perky Nanas and Pineapple Lumps. I feel the munchies coming on! What are your favourites? Luckily my husband doesn’t share my fondness for mint. His preference is for Cobbers (remember those) and sherbet lollies (blah). But it’s perfect because we don’t take each other’s lollies. I love bullets too! Licorice is another divider.

To each their own (gobble, gobble, gooble).

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