You said blogging what?

16 Mar


I don’t mean to gossip. This blog was never meant to be about gossip. I started this blog because I wanted to get into the daily habit of practicing my craft – writing. I don’t have to make it public, but for some reason, writing blogs to myself doesn’t hold the same motivation as a blog that is read by my Facebook friends and anyone else who stumbles across it.

I have accidentally offended three people since starting this blog. These people are near and dear to me and the offense wasn’t intentional. I was merely discussing my own experience and hardships, my own thoughts and feelings, but when explaining the origins of my feelings I inadvertently cause offense.

Bloggers world-wide experience similar problems. I am used to this dilemma because I used to be in radio. Radio requires you to talk about your personal life so I’d oftentimes be explaining a story and embarrass or offend someone.

I have gone through all my past blogs and deleted those that caused offense, even though the blogs weren’t about these people in particular but, anyway…

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing your own experience?. All experiences involve people. You can never write a blog without somehow including others. There are those bloggers who just write away bravely and refuse to consider the potential to offend as a reason to hold back. There have been legal issues as a result of some of these. Then there are those of us who although we tried to tiptoe through the process still managed to cause offense. So I’ve pressed reset and I’ll try to do better.

I could always start off my own private blog and write whatever I want about anyone I want and how I REALLY feel. I think this is called a diary. I could put pen to paper and let it rip and feel much better afterwards and no one will ever know my deepest thoughts and feelings, except my great-grandchildren who will have it published after I die and it will be hailed as great literary work.

There are so many things I’d like to write about right now. I really feel I need to say them here. Must….resist…or I could always do it vaguely like gossip columns trying to avoid legal action. Okay…here goes:

* There is someone at my work who I really don’t want to work with;

* I am involved in my son’s school and my other son’s preschool and I get the impression that some people think I’m annoying, over-enthusiastic, an upstart or all these things at once;

* I could fill seven books with family and relationship issues, none of which involve my children who I can honestly say are a constant joy and reminder of why we try so hard to get along with family members;

* I miss my friends. I am upset that they don’t call me often and I’m upset that I forget to call them;

* I spend too much. I don’t spend a lot compared to most who live in my area but I definitely spend more than my husband and I agreed on. I mostly overspend on groceries. I always want full cupboards and the freshest, best food. Not a sin but I do go overboard and some of it goes to waste;

* I love work and uni and I will move heaven and earth to never, ever have to give them up but I am worried I may reach a point where I just can’t do it all anymore;

* I want to have another baby. I also don’t want to have another baby. In equal proportions.;

* I spend too much time wallowing in the past and analyzing the actions of others.

Okay, I think that’s all properly sanitized. No one in particular is mentioned. If anyone draws offense they will be stretching. I feel better. I feel like I’ve vented. I’ve also made an important connection.

I miss my friends. I miss sitting down and chatting about life, issues, people and maybe blogging is my solution to this fact. I miss company. I miss talking. I miss people asking how I am. I miss my friends.

My husband and I try and talk and so do my sister and I but it’s abbreviated because we are always on our way in or out of the house or cleaning up something that’s been spilled. I really miss conversation, relaxed conversation. Not conversation while making sure no one abducts my children at the local shops. Real, relaxed, connected conversation.

This will do for now. I really do feel better. Is everyone okay with this? If I’ve caused offense feel free to keep your distance next time you see me (until I come and ask if I’ve upset you), write me a very long and defensive email or bury your complaint in a innocent conversation so I almost miss that I’ve upset you. Hopefully no one has to do this as a result of this blog. If I offend someone I prefer to do it to their face so I can apologise to their face immediately or at least agree to disagree and then break bread.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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