Coffee and morning neurosis

24 Feb


I don’t have much time to think in the morning. Getting the kids dressed and the eldest ready for school takes up most of my head space. I have time for random thoughts and worries about the day. This morning due to brain overload thanks to Australian politics my brain seemed to be running on safe mode. I got everything done but it seemed to take a little longer than usual. Particularly the seemingly easy task of making my morning coffee.

I have picked up my dad’s coffee drinking habit. We have one when we wake up, one mid-morning and our final cup mid-afternoon. We take it the same too – milk and sugar. It’s instant, but good instant. I don’t have the time or the bench space for something more elaborate.

This morning it took me an hour to make my coffee. This is normal but a little disturbing. One of the first things I do each morning is flick the kettle on. Then I usually hop in the shower and as I step out I yell out for my school-age son to jump in. I get dressed, open the door to the little kid’s room so they can start to wake up and then I boil the kettle again. Sometimes at this stage I will even go as far as to place my favourite red mug on the bench in readiness. But this morning the little kids tumbled out of their room and I was distracted by hugs and kissed.

I gave them their juice and then went to hurry my son along. I ironed his uniform and placed it on his bed. I grabbed his lunch box out of his bag to make his lunch and then I had to boil the kettle again.

I just kept forgetting to make it. I kept reboiling the kettle so the water was nice and hot. As I scrambled to make his lunch and get him dressed I stared longingly at my red mug.

I still haven’t made it. My son just left for school, the little kids are dressed and fed. I meant to make it before I sat down to write this but I forgot. Just give me a sec…

Okay, I have it now. My first coffee of the day. I use my daughter’s Dora the Explorer spoon because it measures out my coffee and sugar perfectly. I haven’t taken a sip yet. I will. It sad, isn’t it?

I just had a sip. Yum. Coffee really is my morning cuddle, aside from the numerous giggly squirmy ones the kids give me.

I’ve woken up on the right side of the bed this morning. Everything is delighting me, even my insane attempts to make coffee. My poor, over-used kettle. It’s just a little red Kambrook I picked up from Kmart. It’s coping pretty well…it has to to keep up with me, my crazy coffee, 2-minute-noodles and the many times I used boiled water to get dinner started to speed things up.

Here’s to my crappy cuppa. And here’s to yours.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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