A whiter, brigher smile

16 Feb


I am sitting here with a tooth-whitening tray in my mouth and I want to hurl. I’ve wanted to whiten my teeth for the longest time. A close-up, unfortunate, recent shot of my friend and I in a helicopter inspired me to order a tooth whitening kit online and it tastes like watermelon…and dishwashing liquid.

How do people do this? I want to gag. I can’t swallow properly. The tray has to be in for another twenty minutes and every night for the next two weeks? Help.

It’s way to expensive to have this done at the dentist and he’s usually distracted by my plaque build-up and fillings to get around to suggesting I whiten my teeth. Plus it’s more convenient this way. But disgusting, and gross.

I really hope it works. I hate my teeth. Short of veneers, this is the fastest way to improve them. Apparently having whiter teeth helps you to look younger. Although I don’t want them to be visible from space. I have noticed some people choose not to whiten their teeth. They have probably seen some very white, too straight teeth as I have.

It’s a constant balancing act. We all want to look naturally beautiful. We don’t want to look like we’ve tried too hard. The no-makeup look, hair that looks like our natural colour, teeth that are white but not too white. We want to be well dressed but comfortable, wear heels that look amazing at the same time as being able to walk. We get fake nails with french polish, a tan that isn’t too orange and I don’t know about you but I avoid mirrors first thing in the morning. I could easily pass for an unkempt homeless person when I first roll out of bed (no offense to the homeless who I wish I could help – each and every one of them). But really – my hair doesn’t even look sexy and full in the morning, my skin looks rested but I really need a bit of makeup and my choice of nightwear is at best comfortable and at worst…in need of some repairs.

I have noticed that I always pay attention to people who look like they feel like they look good. Read that again slowly…I am always interested in the happy, confident people, not the overly groomed, clearly uncomfortable. It comes down to how you want the world to see you. I would much prefer to look happy and confident than groomed.

I’m not sure what point I’m trying to make. How do you wrap up issues like appearance, youth and beauty? How do you conclude anything at all when every day for the rest of our lives we’ll be trying to improve something? You know that saying ‘life is about the journey, not the destination’? Perhaps this is true when it comes to our appearance. I do love getting my hair done and I couldn’t stop staring at myself when I got my first spray tan. I looked so…healthy.

I’m having in okay day today. I wouldn’t mind washing my hair and redoing my makeup but I am so tired. I look like I have a roof over my head and that’s always a plus. And even if I did spend some unnecessary time grooming instead of playing with my kids it’s not like they care. If my husband comes home and I’ll all done up he’ll probably think I’m cheating on him. He still doesn’t understand why I get all dressed up to go shopping. Because I bump into everyone when I am shopping. It’s the most socially active day of my week!

We all look okay and if you feel like you look a little crappy than usual today, plaster on a smile, even if it is slightly yellow. You can always fix it later.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

3 Responses to “A whiter, brigher smile”

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