Cheeky little liars!

4 Feb


My son isn’t a clever liar. I’m happy he isn’t good at it. He gets caught out most of the time because he either forgets he lied and accidentally tells me the truth or he can’t control a smirk from spreading across his face.

One of my sister’s kids lied to her for the first time this week. I was there when it happened. Her face was a picture of heartbreak. She came out to me and said “He lied to me for the first time!” My first thought was…what took him so long? He lied about brushing his teeth and she busted him. Lying about brushing your teeth is part of being a child but dentists as so massively and insanely expensive that my sister and I are willing to crash tackle our children and force-brush their teeth to save having to go to the dentist too often.

My son is a good boy as often as he can manage and his lies have been little white lies up until now. We were in the car talking about school and we were laughing about something when he said…”Remember that time I lied about being sick because I didn’t want to go to school?” What?!?

I kept a calm expression on my face after this clunker was dropped. A sharper child would have noticed my eye twitching manically. I waited a few beats before asking him if he realised what he’d just said. He realised all right and I started to laugh. “Philip, you’ll have to be bleeding for me not to send you to school now.” And here a great lesson is learned by him….don’t lie about being sick or mum won’t believe me anymore.

Where do kids learn to lie? Is it our fault? Do they sense we are lying to them about the Easter Bunny and Santa? Their dog didn’t go to a farm, Jesus may not be always watching to make sure they are nice to their brothers and sisters, I do have enough money to buy a new Wii game but I just don’t want too, watching too much TV won’t make your eyes go square…

When my children lie or misbehave I tend to come down on them like a ton of bricks because I want to prevent this behaviour. But I’m also forgiving of accidents like spilling drinks, breaking plates and losing toys. I like to think I am discerning when it comes to discipline. I want them to be happy kids but I have to draw the line at lying, violence and excessive carelessness.

I think about my kids being grown. I feel like every little thing I do and say is shaping the adult they will become and I hope I am doing a good enough job so they can be happy and have fulfilling lives.

All kids lie but not all are found out. I am comforted to know that we usually discover the lies…I’m sure there are several we never picked up on but as they become better at it we will become better at detecting them. Let the battle begin!

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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