Study woes

7 Dec

I haven’t studied at university for ten years but already I am flashing back to my uni days. Nothing every worked. My computer login, the photocopier, the coffee machine. It was tedious and the paperwork was time consuming. Before even getting to the part where I got to actually learn I had to jump through hoops of enrollment forms, student IDs and library access.

I have received an offer today to complete my Master of Arts in Creative Writing at and already I am in nothing-is-bloody-working uni hell.

Well firstly I didn’t receive an offer so I started email-stalking the course coordinator who responded that she’d accepted me but forgotten to send the necessary paperwork to UAC. That was two weeks ago and I received the formal offer today. It’s a distance course and enrollment is online so I went to the relevant website and tried to log on. My ID is working but not my password. The instructions regarding online enrollment are vague and I am feeling so muddled I’m not sure where to turn next.

Technology is wonderful…when it works. Being able to enroll online is so convenient – except it’s not working. My iPhone is so great – but my WiFi dropped out and it took me ages to connect it again. Our printer is fantastic – but sometimes it gets scrambled and needs to be reset. Our computer is super but it crashes.

My first time at university, I would get so incredibly stressed and upset when technology didn’t work. I was vitriolic in my complaints. It got me nowhere, behaving like that. This time I am trying to stay calm. My email to the ‘help’ service is friendly and I vow to be patient. That is, unless the deadline looms and then I reserve the right to panic.

I am so excited to be getting my Masters because I was so unfocused when I was studying for my Undergraduate degree. I was already working in the job I wanted so completing my course was a struggle but I was so happy I finished it.

Getting my Masters in Creative Writing is a dream because I am home with my children most days and I just need something that will help me to feel like I am making some sort of progress when it comes to me…little old forgotten me. I’m so happy I get to be with my children every day, I am happy they like my cooking, I feel blessed to have such a hardworking husband and I couldn’t be happier. This course is just the little boost I need. And it will be amazing – if I can log in and accept the damn thing.


La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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