Why do I have to wear shape wear?

2 Dec


Why do I have to wear shape wear?

I am a thirty-five-year-old mother-of-three. You are probably surprised that I haven’t worn shape wear before. When I was a teenager I tried on one of my mum’s girdles and I haven’t been near shape wear since.

Three kids later and I am serious considering taking the plunge.

My brother is younger than my sisters and I so when we show up at his birthday parties and hang around with all his super-cool gen-y friends and work colleagues we always feel a little older, a little fatter and a little less interesting than we normally do. For some reason shape wear has become a way for us to gain confidence because if we think we look good, we feel good.

My sister has an amazing body but even she looks better with shape wear on. I am worried that once I wear it once I will be hooked. Once I start, why wouldn’t I wear shape wear all the time? I am worried I’ll become so obsessed with the improvement shape wear makes to my body that I’ll start struggling into it to fill the car up with petrol and do the grocery shopping. And what if I want to look amazing for my husband? Do I start wearing it to bed? It’s hard enough to maintain our love-life with three children and a demanding job without finding the energy to not only put it on but to try and take it off. Romantic…I think not.

I have a rebellious personality and I know my stubborn reluctance to wear shape wear is my way of shunning the pressure society places on women to be a yummy mummy and all that nonsense. Oh, and I like to be able to breath after eating – something that is difficult to do in shape wear.

Shape wear is not cheap. If I spent that much on a dress or a top I would wear it to death to get as much wear out of it as possible. And what about during summer? Do I really need to add another layer of clothing during the Australian summer?

Shape wear is a lot like botox to me. I don’t want to ‘go there’ for fear that I won’t know when to stop. After recently breaking my near addiction to spray tans I accept my addictive personality and will continue to hold off on these expensive enhancements and hope that baby doll and a-line dresses never go out of style so I can leave my house free from the restriction of shape wear, free to eat a decent sized meal and breathe at the same time and completely removed from the shape wear craze that has invaded my life and the life of all women since the emergence of Spanx, the u-bra, the genie bra and the breast to knee piece that leaves you looking like Marilyn but feeling like sausage stuffing.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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