Climate change skeptic

1 Dec

My name is Jo Abi and I am a climate change skeptic. But I have a confession. I think I’m a climate change skeptic for the same reason many of us are – we are scared to think that perhaps human caused climate change is actually happening. We have trouble accepting that we have irrepairably damaged the earth and what that means for our kids. An inconvenient truth to be sure and also a very scary truth, an uncomfortable truth and one that I have a lot of trouble accepting.

When I was little I remember hot days. There was a day that was so hot all our chickens died, despite our attempts to revive them. But as an adult there was an equally hot day when both our dogs suffered heat stroke. When I was little I remember hot Christmases and as an adult sometimes they are hot and some days they are not. I am trying to remember more about the weather when I was little and if it has really changed. I had never heard of a tsunami before the Boxing Day tsunami that changed us all. What I have noticed is how dramatically the weather changes. I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly that change was more gradual when I was little.

Last night it was hot and muggy. I dressed my children in nightclothes because I had read that by morning it would be cold again. I couldn’t imagine such a dramatic change (although they happen all the time). At 10pm my little boy woke up crying. He was covered in sweat. I took off all his clothes and left him in a nappy covered by a sheet. By morning it was freezing and I was covering him in extra blankets and worrying that he was going to get sick.

Watching certain movies like Artic Blast and the brilliant Frozen Planet has done nothing to alleviate my concern. I am a climate change skeptic because I am worried that climate change is a reality. I think Cate Blanchett and Julia Gillard might be right and if they are then I’m proud of the carbon tax but I wish they were wrong. I wish all the talk back radio announcers I listen too are right – that it is a scare campaign similar to that which followed the World Trade Centre attacks regarding terrorism. But I am starting to think it is more like tobacco – just as a bit of smoking wasn’t thought to do much harm but we now know it does. Al Gore gave a recent radio interview in which he claimed that certain groups had hired the same lobbiests hired by tobacco companies and their job was to make us doubt that climate change was real. Didn’t they do a good job? Here I was thinking that Al Gore must be feeling embarrassed that his documentary got it so wrong and I was wondering if he’d ever considered giving back the Nobel Peace Prize he won but he’s merely been shouted down by powerful lobbiest. Or is this just a consipiracy theory?

I am just an average mother of three. I have an okay education and my biggest goal in life is for my family to be happy and healthy and remain that way. So how on earth am I meant to sort through the many conflicting studies to discover the truth? I wish there was one definitive report that was just called The Truth About Climate Change and it actually was the truth. Then instead of wasting time we can take action to fix it or accept it isn’t happening and worry about other things…like which biscuits to buy and how to keep the kids happy over the school holidays.

Yesterday it was hot. Today it is cold. Nothing unusual about that, but today is the first day of summer…and I am freezing.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi


2 Responses to “Climate change skeptic”

  1. klem December 2, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    “I am a climate change skeptic because I am worried that climate change is a reality.”

    I am a climate change skeptic because I KNOW that climate change is a reality. The climate has always changed, it never stops whether humans are around or not. The question is if human derived CO2 is responsible. The changes in weather you describe above are evidence that the climate changes only, they are not evidence that CO2 is the cause. The same goes for melting glaciers and hurricanes, they are evidence that the climate changes but they are not evidence that CO2 is the cause.

    Where I live in N America, my house is built on a drumlin which formed by glaciers about 20,000 years ago. Those glaciers are now 6000 kms away north of my house. That means they retreated an average of 3km per decade. During that 20,000 years, there were two periods when the glaciers stopped retreating and began growing again for a 1000 years or so, but then melting resumed again. There were short century long periods of quick and slow melting but on average the glaciers averaged about 3km/decade. Now that’s climate change and it all happened long before industrialization. And it continues to this day.

    So when you hear alarmists telling you that the earth climate is changing, they are simply stating the obvious.

    There is nothing new under the sun, including scaremongering.


  2. joabiadmin December 2, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    Ever since I had children I worry about every worst case scenario I can think of. It’s true that the climate is always changing….I just hope that it remains sustainable to human life. Remember what happened to the dinosaurs!


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