Happy kids

28 Nov

My sister makes fun of me for some of the advice I give to our kids. She thinks it’s too grown up for them and they don’t understand what I’m rambling on about. They are aged 2 – 8. I think the older kids get the gist but I don’t expect them to understand it fully yet. What I do plan is to say it so often throughout their lives that they recall it when they need it most.

My latest offering is that they are responsible for their own happiness….not their friends, not their parents, not their teachers, not any game, toy or gift. They and they alone control their feelings and they and they alone are responsible for their happiness. One of our kids in particular is always telling me that they are bored. I used to try to find them something to do. The last couple of times I’ve lovingly informed them that that is not my problem but theirs and that there is a house full of activities waiting for them to discover. I told them to have a walk around and find a cure for their own boredom. As they wandered off I added that sometimes being bored is good because that’s when they get ideas for things.

I can imagine my sister’s reaction when they say this back to her. Aunty Jo says….but I will persist. This advice goes for adults too and it’s something I tell myself often.

How will you make yourself happy today. And how will you teach your kids to be responsible for their own happiness? I really and truly believe this may be the key to happiness for all? Simplistic or simple? But you get the gist.

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