I ‘heart’ MyNetDiary

27 Oct

I stopped working full-time a few months ago and it’s been really hard…and a huge relief. Instead of my stressful, juggling act I am now a (trying not to cry), full-time mum. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids, but I tend to love them more when I work part-time or even casually.

Anyway, since I stopped full-time work and my days lost their structure entirely, I have put on 6 kilos of “I’m not working” weight. I keep trying to manufacture more structure and lose the weight but I go back to comforting myself with food way too often.

My brother recently lost some weight and has been keeping it off. He swears by his weight-loss app. I spent weeks looking for the perfect one and MyNetDiary Pro is by far the one that works for me. I have been using it for a week and it is so fun looking at what I eat, how much and knowing without a shadow of a doubt I haven’t eaten too much that day. I don’t have to guess and I can schedule treats within my calorie allowance.

It’s such a comprehensive app. It even has my favourite obscure Italian pastry…sfogliatelli. These are very high in calories but I managed to have one on Day 3 (by replacing all other meals with coffee and vegetables!). It was the first time I’ve even eaten one of them guilt free. It was allowed and within my count.

This sounds obsessive, doesn’t it. Did I mention that I’ve finished full-time work and am manufacturing structure?

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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