Splish, splash

24 Oct

It’s easy for children to have fun when it’s sunny and there’s a tap in the backyard. Case-in-point…my kids this afternoon. It reached 37 degrees in my suburb. We were all hot so as soon as we felt a hint of a breeze we threw open our back door. The kids ran outside…I started cooking dinner. I could hear them squealing and having fun so I didn’t lay eyes on them for about ten minutes. When I finally did, they had taken off their clothes, had turned the back tap on and were jumping up and down in a resulting puddle. The smell of the water in the heat brought back vivid memories of my own childhood. My sisters and I used to play in a sprinkler. We had bindies all throughout our backyard but we would just yank them out and continue running through the mist.

Apparently the remainder of this week is cooler with rain and showers. I plan to buy a sprinkler and some water pistols for our next hot day. We will also need cossies and thongs. Today was a glimpse of the fun to come when summer well and truly arrives. I can’t wait.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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