Coffee cuddles

13 Oct

I tried to give up coffee today. Again! I lasted until12.30pmwhich is much better than my usual point of collapse which is10.30am.

Who else is confused about coffee? For crying out loud, would someone please tell me whether or not it is good for me. Yes it is dehydrating and can cause jitters in some people but I have also heard from various celebrity doctors and dieticians that coffee is full of antioxidants, relieves constipation and prevents dementia. In the face of such conflicting information you may wonder why I bothered to try and give it up in the first place. It’s all about control.

I resent feeling like I can’t give it up. I have been trying to give up coffee for ten years (no joke) just because I want to feel like I can get through at least one day without it. Coffee doesn’t wake me up or make me more alert. Coffee makes me feel happy, comforted and relaxed. Coffee is like a substitute cuddle.

At the very least I want to cut back. I went from two a day to four a day since the birth of my last child so I am trying to go back to two. Coffee really is the new ‘smoko’. It’s a chance to step away from your busy day and take some time out. It would be much healthier to find a quiet place and meditate for a few minutes but that would look a lot worse to a boss than grabbing a cup of coffee before your next meeting.

I’m not working at the moment so I can’t use that excuse. My days are busy cooking, cleaning and taking care of babies and they rarely let me sit down long enough to finish my coffee before it is cold. I often make it and it is left on the table, forgotten due to the latest demand from one of my children.

How did I become so emotionally attached to coffee? I think it’s that coffee represents a break. It’s the idea of taking time out from my day to sit down and drink it and relax that attracts me to it. When I’m out and about I never crave it. I don’t see the point of takeaway coffee. Who wants to drink it standing up or walking? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

So here’s to coffee…my friend, my confidant, my cuddle, my time out, my hope that one day in the future I will once more have time to sit down long enough to make it, drink it and enjoy it.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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