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Hello world

17 Sep

Yes, I love John Laws. When he used to say, “Hello world” in his amazingly deep voice it made me feel like he was speaking only to me.

I love radio. I used to listen to John Laws when I was driving to uni. I didn’t relate to his choice of topics…yet, but I knew one day I would. And I desperately wanted to be a radio announcer. I got my wish and it was an amazing ten years. I can’t think of a better job to have in your twenties than to be a radio announcer at a music station. I met so many amazing and accomplished people. There were a lot of parties, concerts, friendships and opportunities. Everything that happened to me on a daily basis became a ‘bit’ on our show. It was a lot like living life from distance. Things weren’t happening to me…they were happening to this character I had created on air. And boy did she live an interesting life. Some days I felt like her and some days I didn’t.

Fast forward ten years and my thirties are all about my family. I never dreamed about being a mother when I was younger. I was so focused on my studies and my career. I imagined myself childless, single, traveling the world and working for the UN in remote locations filled with people who needed my help. Yeah, I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer! Wanting children hit me like lightning. I was dating a father-of-two and he hinted that he didn’t want any more children. It was then that I knew I wanted children and we eventually settled on just one but we were so happy with him that we had another and then just one more. I have a seven-year-old son, a three-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. They are so amazingly cute.

When I was pregnant I dreamed of being a dynamic, interesting, working mother. I would employ help to raise my children while I continued on my chosen career path in any and all forms of media. But my son was born with severe food allergies and my full-time career came to a halt. I clung to shards of my old life for a couple of years – taking casual work when I could and filing traffic reports for radio stations from home as much as family life would allow. Then my baby girl ended up in hospital – severely dehydrated due to her own food allergy – and I put an end to all work that took me away from my children. My work from home recently ended and now I’m in a holding pattern. They may grow out of their allergies but if they don’t I will always have to be close by. It’s a huge sacrifice to say goodbye to the life you wanted. But I love them so much that it feels wrong to even refer to it as a sacrifice.

So now I am a stay-at-home mum, with a blog and not enough time to do my hair. I wake up each day with grand plans and then fall into bed exhausted and vowing to have a more productive day tomorrow. Sound familiar? I start new eating plans…a lot. My life looks like a bad sitcom some days. I try to hang onto the humor in it all. Oh how funny…my daughter drew a picture of Dora on the wall. Oh how gorgeous…my son just repeated the swear word I shouted out when I stubbed my toe. Oh how cute…my little boy wants to play three card games every night at bedtime when I am too tired to lift my tea cup to my mouth. I eat too much chocolate, watch too much TV and helicopter-parent in the worst way. Welcome to my world.

This blog is a real release for me. I’ve wanted to do one for years and finally the day has come. I love blogs. I love reading them. They make me feel like I’m not alone and give such great advice. We live in a world where we have the gift of accessing people’s life experiences in an instant. We should be happier and more successful than ever. But I suspect the challenges I face when it comes to being a wife and mother are nothing new – they are just modern versions of age-old problems.

This blog will discuss step-parenting, being the wife of a serial-entrepreneur, almost getting rich and then losing it all in the GFC, writing a book and then trying to write a second book, enrolling in a distance course at uni and raising three children with severe food allergies. I am a wife, step-mum, sister, daughter and mama. I am aging, dieting, learning and craving more sleep.

I look forward to being in contact with you and I hope my experiences help you navigate your own.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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