Laptop vs Coffee

19 Nov

Hot coffee is one of the worst liquids that can be spilled on your laptop…that and juice and probably acid. I was working on a blog on Friday, sipping my coffee, feeling creative when a toy came flying through the air, hit my coffee cup and spilled it’s entire contents all over my laptop. I screamed, turned the laptop off and turned it upside down to try and get the coffee out. I heard something sizzle. I left it for two days and now it won’t start. Bye bye laptop.

The worst thing is that it wasn’t my laptop. It belongs to my last employer and they were due to pickĀ  it up next week. I am ashamed to admit that I contemplated returning it and pleading ignorance to it’s demise. But I would feel too guilty. So I am going to try to have it repaired and I’m sure it will cost me all the money I was saving to buy my own laptop.

So I am on my husband’s crappy old computer. I hate the screen – it is way too big and bright. I hate this keyboard – not all the keys work immediately. It’s slow, moody and unreliable. And my children keep kicking me off it to play superhero games.

I feel like my creative tap has been shut off by the death of the laptop I wrote on every night. I feel so sad that I killed it after all it did for me. Thankfully all my documents were backed up. When I say backed up I mean I had emailed them to myself for easy access from any location – my own version of a cloud.

So I will soon be getting to know a brand new laptop. My sister has offered me her old one but I feel like I deserve a new one. I want one that is untouched by others, under warranty. For some reason I want it to be red. And because I have recently been accepted into my Masters in Creative writing course at Macquarie University, I feel like I deserve.

I won’t be drinking coffee while working on it. In fact all liquids and projectile toys will not be allowed anywhere near it.

La Dolce Vita – Jo Abi

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